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• CrossBones (2005)
• ADULT: Girl Pirates 1 (2005)
• Jolly Roger: Massacre at Cutter's Cove (2005)
• Kidnapped (2005)
• Piratas en el Callao [aka Pirates in Callao] (2005)
• Pirates (2005)
• ADULT: Pirates [aka Pirates XXX] (2005)
• Sea Wolf, The [aka Pirate's Curse, The] (2005)
• ADULT: Surrender the Booty 1 (2005)
• ADULT: Surrender the Booty 2 (2005)

CrossBones (2005)
Director: Daniel Zirilli
Writers: Daniel Zirilli and D. Glase Lomond
Cast: Joseph Marino [Rafael (Redblood) Rivera], Mayra Soto [Serena], Hardy-Ames Hill [Tony], Jessie Camacho [Audra], Joe Jones [Martin], J. Shin [Greedy G.], Merlynne Williams [Melissa], Kevin Hawke [Scott], Kristin Ellich [Tris], John Sanzari [Gus], Maria Santos [Sacrificial Girl], Kinsu [Voodoo Priest], Puddy Tat [Warrior 1], Showtime [Warrior 2], Tremain Brown [Warrior 3]
Storyline: An Incredible Treasure. A Terrifying Curse.
[Video - 88 min - Action | Horror | Thriller - English - Color - USA - Pop Art Film Factory, Pan Productions]

ADULT: Girl Pirates 1 (2005)
Director: Bridgette Kerkove
Cast: Austin Kincaid, Brandi Lyons, Eva Angelina, Marie Luv, Trina Michaels, Vanessa Lane, Victoria Sweet, Alec Knight, Chris Mountain, Mark Wood, Scott Lyons, Tony T.
Storyline: Whores on the high seas! Watch these young wenches suck, f*ck, and get pillaged and plundered in some of the hottest pirate action you`ve ever seen! Featuring hot girl on girl action, a three-some, DP, and even some booty banging adventure!
[90 min - Adult - English - Color - USA - Loaded Digital]

Jolly Roger: Massacre at Cutter's Cove (2005)
Director: Gary Jones
Writers: Gary Jones and Jeffrey Miller
Cast: Rhett Giles [Jolly Roger], Tom Nagel [Alex], Kristina Korn [Jessie], Thomas Downey [Mathis, as Tom Downey], Kim Little [Lowenstein], Pamela Munro [Mayor Bates], Dean N. Arevalo [Tanner], Sergio Samayoa [Yee, as Sergio], Justin Brannock [Tom], Megan Lee Ethridge [Sasha], Hajar Northern [Eve], Ted Cochran [Phillip], Conrad Angel Corral [Mr. Sims, as Conrad Corral], Spencer Jones [Abernathy], Amanda Barton [Agnes, as Amanda E. Barton]
Storyline: A group of friends unleash a demonic Pirate from a treasure chest.
[80 min - Horror - English - Color - USA - Asylum, The]

Kidnapped (2005)
Director: Brendan Maher
Writers: Bev Doyle, Richard Kurti and Robert Louis Stevenson (novel "Kidnapped")
Cast: James Anthony Pearson [Davie Balfour], Tania Anderson [Mrs. Robertson], John Bach [Cluny], Emily Barclay [Maddy], Jonathon Bidois [Street Urchin], Lex Calder [Ferryman], Adrian Dunbar [Alexander Balfour / Ebenezer Balfour], Dave Eveler [Dean], Gregor Fisher [James Stewart of the Glen], Norman Forsey [Catechist], Alexander Gandar [Shug], Iain Glen [Alan Breck], Gilbert Goldie [Minister], Kelson Henderson [Young Man], John Leigh [Rankeillor]
Storyline: 15-year-old Davie Balfour is poised to receive a vast inheritance when he's lured onto a cargo ship, knocked unconscious, and kidnapped by his malevolent uncle Ebenezer, who devises a scheme to sell him into slavery. But Davie's unforeseen rescue at the hands of a Scottish rogue, Alan Breck, with them racing across the Scottish moors, with English bounty hunters in hot pursuit.
[TV Movie - 150 min (3 parts) | USA: 222 min - Adventure | Drama | Family - English - Color - UK - British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), South Pacific Pictures]

Piratas en el Callao [aka Pirates in Callao] (2005)
Director: Eduardo Schuldt
Writers: Pipo Gallo (screenplay) and Hernan Garrido Lecca (book)
Cast: Diego Bertie [voice], Gianfranco Brero [Doblaje], Stephanie Cayo [Alberto, voice], Salvador del Solar [voice], Alberto Isola [Jacques L'Hermite, voice], Gonzalo Torres [voice]
Storyline: A young boy travels back to the 17th century to battle pirates off the coast of Peru. Alberto, a peruvian kid, go on a school trip to a fort called El Real Felipe in Callao, in there Alberto gets lost and enters into a portal that sends him to the 17th century. He discovers that Callao is going to ba attacked by a group of dutch pirates led by Jacques L'Hermite who wants to steal the gold of the King and conquer Callao. Will Alberto be able to do something to stop the pirates?
[78 min - Animation - Spanish - Color - Peru]

ADULT: Pirates [aka Pirates XXX] (2005)
Director: Joone
Writers: Joone (screen story) and Max Massimo (screenplay)
Cast: Jesse Jane [Jules Steel], Carmen Luvana [Isabella Valenzuela], Janine Lindemulder [Serena, as Janine], Devon [Madelyn], Teagan [Christina], Evan Stone [Captain Edward Reynolds], Tommy Gunn [Captain Eric Victor Stagnetti], Kris Slater [Manuel Valenzuela], Austyn Moore [Angelina], Jenaveve Jolie [Pirate Dancer], Steven St. Croix [Marco], Nhan [Wu Chow], Frank Bukkwyd [Oxford], Brian Surewood [Gino], Harry Bali [Priest], Keyser Soze [Auctioneer], Mando M. [Incan Monk], Charmane Star [Wench #1], Trina Michaels [Wench #2], Austin Kincaid [Wench #3], Jolie Harris [Wench #4], Joshua [Old Sea Captain]
Storyline: Swash and unbuckle. In 1763, Captain Edward Reynolds is hunting pirates, or at least trying to do so. He does not consider himself a great commander, and neither does most of his crew. Only his first officer Jules believes in him. When they save a young woman named Isabella from drowning, she tells them that her husband's ship has been destroyed by the feared Captain Victor Stagnetti and his crew of cutthroat pirates. Reynolds and his crew go hunting for Stagnetti, who tries to find a map that leads to a powerful secret on an island somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. Stagnetti finds the secret "staff" unlocked by Isabella's husband Manuel. After the crew escapes the spawn of darkness summoned by Stagnetti, their ship engages Stagnetti's in battle, ending Stagnetti's reign as a pirate. The New York Times described the film as "a relatively high-budget story of a group of ragtag sailors who go searching for a crew of evil pirates who have a plan for world domination. Also, many of the characters in the movie have sex with one another".
[Video - 129 min - Adult | Adventure | Comedy - English - Color - USA - Digital Playground] 

Sea Wolf, The [aka Pirate's Curse, The] (2005)
Director: Mark Roper
Writer: Harry Alan Towers
Cast: Thomas Ian Griffith [Jeffery Thorpe], Gerit Kling [Helena / Marlena], Barry Flatman [The Captain], Sofía Mazagatos, Stefano Santospago, Demetri Alexander, M.A. Hernandez, Gilberto Ruiz, René de la Cruz [Ramon]
Storyline: Jeffery Thorpe roams the Caribbean in his boat, 'The Sea Wolf'. He will take any job, no matter how suspicious the circumstances. When a mysterious woman gives him an antique gold coin, the real adventure is about to begin!
[Color - USA | Italy - GFT Entertainment, Italian International Film, Productora Cinematografica]

ADULT: Surrender the Booty 1 (2005)
Director: Mike Adams [as Anton Slayer]
Cast: Alexis Amore, Austin Kincaid [as Austin Kinkaid], Brooke Haven, Eve Lawrence, Flower Tucci, Harmony Rose [as Harmony], Alex Sanders, Brian Surewood, Emmanuel Delcour [as Jean Valjean], Lee Stone, Talon
Storyline: All hands on dick! These sexy maidens offer up their bootys for some back door exploration!
[95 min - Adult - English - Color - USA - Loaded Digital]

ADULT: Surrender the Booty 2 (2005)
Director: Mike Adams (as Anton Slayer)
Cast: Courtney Simpson, Eva Angelina, Flower Tucci, Kelly Kline, Olivia O'Lovely, Sandra Romain, Alex Sanders, Brett Rockman, Lee Stone, Van Damage
Storyline: Lots of great pirate outfits and set designs littered with skulls and treasure chests liven up this rather forceful gonzo flick. The opener, featuring Sandra Romain, looks almost like a rape, with Sandy getting a knife to the throat, before getting ass-banged, choked, and more. But hey, that’s the way it is in the pirate world, Jack. Olivia O’Lovely gives up that giant Latina booty to pirate number two in the next scene, and it’s quite spicy. Then there’s a weird lezzy scene with Courtney Simpson and fat-assed Flower Tucci. Weird because they have dildos that look like bananas and cucumbers. Real pirates use real fruit, matey. As you might expect from Flower, it’s a wet messy scene. The beautiful Eva Angelina swoops in for a quick fuck ‘n’ suck, and, it all ends with bratty Kelly Kline getting vadge-slammed and sucking off the last pirate. Hot sex and goofy costumes don’t usually work all that well, but I dunno, girl pirates are pretty sexy, it turns out. Best of all, Surrender the Booty 2 is totally historically accurate... except for the plastic banana.
[119 min - Adult - English - Color - USA - Loaded Digital]

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