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• Avventuriero della tortuga, L' [aka Adventurer of Tortuga] (1965)
• Hercules and the Princess of Troy (1965)
• High Wind in Jamaica, A (1965)
• Isla del tesoro, La (1965)
• Treasure Island (1965)
• Truth About Spring, The (1965)

Avventuriero della tortuga, L' [aka Adventurer of Tortuga] (1965)
Director: Luigi Capuano
Writers: Luigi Capuano, Fernando Cerchio (screenplay), Arpad DeRiso (screenplay), Ottavio Poggi (screenplay) and Emilio Salgari (novel)
Cast: Guy Madison [Alfonso di Montélimar], Ingeborg Schöner [Soledad Quintero], Rik Battaglia [Pedro Valverde], Nadia Gray [Dona Rosita], Andrea Aureli [Enrico Vallejo], Aldo Bufi Landi [Mendoza], Mino Doro [Tarsarios], Linda Sini [Paquita], Giulio Marchetti [Father of the Bride], Giulio Battiferri [Pirate], Aldo Cristiani, Bruno Arié [Pirate], Riccardo Pizzuti [Pirate], Alfredo Danesi, Romano Giomini 
Storyline: The beautiful pirate Pedro Valverde found a less risky way of boarding to bring home the money. Pretends to be a Spanish nobleman, is betrothed to the richest girls in the Caribbean and at the time of the wedding, flies with the dowry. However, ends up falling in love with the princess Soledad, a beautiful Spanish girl, came to Santa Cruz to take possession of a fabulous legacy. To his misfortune of Soledad has its eyes Alfonso Montelimar, governor of the island.
[97 min - Adventure - Italian - Color - Italy | West Germany - Eichberg-Film, Liber Film]

Hercules and the Princess of Troy (1965)
Director: Albert Band
Writers: Larry Forrester and Ugo Liberatore
Cast: Gordon Scott [Hercules], Paul Stevens [Diogenes], Mart Hulswit [Ulysses], Diana Hyland [Princess Diana], Steve Garrett [Petra], Gordon Mitchell [Pirate Captain], George Ardisson [Leander, as Giorgio Ardisson], Roger Browne [Ortag], Jacques Stany [Argus, as Jacques Stanislawski], Mario Novelli [Botus], Dan Christian [Boatswain], Everett Sloane [Narrator, voice], 
Storyline: The mighty Hercules battles a sea monster to save the legendary city of Troy. Superstrong hero Hercules, aided by young Ulysses and scientific wit Diogenes, journeys to Troy, where the city's virgins are being sacrificed to a horrible sea monster. When Princess Diana, heir to the Trojan throne currently being held by her evil uncle Petra, is selected to become the sea monster's next victim, Hercules must battle the monster - and Petra's warriors - in order to save her. 
[TV Movie - 47 min - Action | Adventure | Fantasy - English - Color - Italy | USA]

High Wind in Jamaica, A (1965)
Director: Alexander Mackendrick
Writers: Stanley Mann (screenplay), Ronald Harwood (screenplay), Ronald Harwood (screenplay), Denis Cannan (screenplay, as Dennis Cannan) and Richard Hughes (novel)
Cast: Anthony Quinn [Chavez], James Coburn [Zac], Dennis Price [Mathias], Lila Kedrova [Rosa], Nigel Davenport [Mr. Thornton], Isabel Dean [Mrs. Thornton], Kenneth J. Warren [Capt. Marpole], Ben Carruthers [Alberto, as Benito Carruthers], Gert Fröbe [Dutch Captain, as Gert Frobe], Brian Phelan [Curtis], Trader Faulkner [Pirate], Charles Laurence [Tallyman], Charles Hyatt [Pirate], Dan Jackson [Pirate], Vivienne Ventura [Margaret Fernandez, as Viviane Ventura]
Storyline: The parents of children living in Jamaica, afraid that the kids are growing up uncivilized, decide to send them to England. But during the voyage, the childrens' ship is boarded by pirates and in the confusion the children wind up trapped on the pirate ship. The children view it as a lark, and one of them, a girl named Emily, develops an unusual bond with Chavez, the 
pirate captain. The superstitious pirates can't wait to unload the kids at the first port, but a tragedy prevents it, and Emily's relationship with Chavez takes a fateful twist. 
[103 min - Adventure | Drama - English | Spanish - Color - UK - Twentieth Century-Fox Productions]

Isla del tesoro, La (1965)
Director: Jesus Franco
Writers: Orson Welles and Robert Louis Stevenson (novel)
Cast: Orson Welles [Long John Silver], Kim Burfield, Jean Lefebvre, Tony Peckley, Jim MacIntosch, Keith Baxter, Fernando Rey
[10 min  - Short | Drama - English - Spain - Internacional Films]

Treasure Island (1965)
Director: Orson Welles
Writers: Orson Welles and Robert Louis Stevenson (novel)
Cast: Orson Welles [Long John Silver], Keith Baxter [Doctor Livesey], McIntosh Fergusin [Jim Hawkins], Tony Beckley [Israel Hands], John Gielgud [Squire Trelawney], Robert Morley, 
Fernando Rey, Hugh Griffith
[Short | Drama - English - Spain - Internacional Films]

Truth About Spring, The (1965)
Director: Richard Thorpe
Writers: James Lee Barrett and Henry De Vere Stacpoole (story)
Cast: Hayley Mills [Spring Tyler], John Mills [Tommy Tyler], James MacArthur [William Ashton], Lionel Jeffries [Cark], Harry Andrews [Sellers], Niall MacGinnis [Cleary], David Tomlinson [Skelton], Lionel Murton [Simmons]
Storyline: Tommy Tyler a lazy Caribbean sailor and his tom-boy daughter, Spring are out to search for a buried treasure. Tommy brings aboard William Ashton, a young lawyer to help with the search. Ashton turns out to be handy when they encounter dangerous rivals. Tommy also tries to play match maker between Ashton and Spring-a difficult task indeed. 
[102 min - Adventure | Romance - English - Color (Technicolor) - UK | USA - Universal Pictures, Quota Rentals Limited]