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• Corsaro Nero, Il [aka Black Corsair, The] (1976) 
• Due ragazzi incorreggibili [aka Two Boys Incorrigible] (1976–1977)
• Peter Pan (1976)
• Sandokan (1976)
• Swashbuckler (1976)

Corsaro Nero, Il [aka Black Corsair, The] (1976) 
Director: Sergio Sollima
Writers: Emilio Salgari (books "Il corsaro nero" and "La regina dei Caraibi"), Alberto Silvestri and Sergio Sollima
Cast: Kabir Bedi [Corsaro Nero], Carole André [Duchessina Van Gold], Mel Ferrer [Van Gould], Angelo Infanti [Morgan], Sonja Jeannine [Yara], Salvatore Borghese [Carnaux], Franco Fantasia [Van Stiller], Edoardo Faieta [L'Olonnais, as Eddy Fay], Jackie Basehart [Corsaro Rosso], Nicolò Piccolomini [Corsaro Verde], Guido Alberti [Governor of Ribeira], Pietro Torrisi [Blanchot], Lionello Pio Di Savoia, Mariano Rigillo, Tony Renis [José]
Storyline: Emilio di Roccabruna count of Ventimiglia is fighting Van Gould who ten years before had killed his father and stolen his family properties. He is known as "Il Corsaro Nero" (The Black Corsair) and his two brothers as Il Corsaro Verde (The Green Corsair) and as Il Corsaro Rosso (The Red Corsair). But the Green Corsair and the Red Corsair are killed treacherously by Van Gould's men while the Black Corsair is entirely taken up by saving an Indian village from the Spaniards. He can save only Yara. Later on he organizes with the help of Morgan his revenge. 
[126 min - Adventure | Action - Italian - Color (Eastmancolor) - Italy - Rizzoli Film]

Due ragazzi incorreggibili [aka Two Boys Incorrigible] (1976–1977)
[TV Series - Comedy - Italian - Color - Italy - Radiotelevisione Italiana]
Director: Romolo Siena
Cast: Franco Franchi [Host / Sandogat / Various Characters], Ciccio Ingrassia [Host / Yanez / Various Characters], Daniela Goggi [Hostess / Various Characters], Enzo Andronico, 
Warner Bentivegna, Enzo Liberti
Storyline: Two boys incorrigible was a television program broadcast in six episodes in prime time on Saturday night Rai 1 between December 1976 and January 1977, written by Castellano and Pipolo directed by Romolo Siena. The program marked the reunion of the pair Franco Franchi - Ciccio Ingrassia after a period of separation art. Alongside them Daniela Goggi also seen the opening credits with the song Obabaluba. During the variety was proposed mini-show Sandogat, parody series Sandokan by Sergio Sollima.

Peter Pan (1976)
Writers: J.M. Barrie (play and story), Andrew Birkin (adaptation) and Jack Burns (adaptation)
Cast: Mia Farrow [Peter Pan], Danny Kaye [Captain Hook], Paula Kelly [Tiger Lily], Lynsey Baxter [Jane], Peppi Borza [Pirate #3], Michael Crane [Pirate #4], Michael Deeks [Curly], Fred Evans [Pirate #3], Jill Gascoine [Wendy, as an adult], John Gielgud [Narrator], George Harris [Pirate #5], Oscar James [Pirate #1], Max Latimer [Pirate #2], Nicholas Lyndhurst [Tootles], 
Virginia McKenna [Mrs Darling]
Storyline: Another live-action musical version of the play, with all-new songs rather than the ones used in the famous Mary Martin production. This version of Peter Pan is an original adaptation for television. It is not to be confused with the 1954 Mary Martin Broadway production that was broadcast live at least twice in the fifties and on tape in 1960, at last preserved for posterity. 
[TV Movie - 120 min -  Musical | Family | Fantasy - English - Color - USA | UK -  Associated Television (ATV), Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions, National Broadcasting Company (NBC)]

Sandokan (1976)
Director: Sergio Sollima
Writing credits: Emilio Salgari (novel), Antonia Lucatelli (screenplay), Giuseppe Mangione (screenplay), Manlio Scarpelli (screenplay), Alberto Silvestri (screenplay) and Sergio Sollima (screenplay)
Series cast summary: Kabir Bedi [Sandokan, 6 episodes, 1976], Philippe Leroy [Yanez De Gomera, 6 episodes, 1976], Adolfo Celi [James Brooke, 6 episodes, 1976], Mohammed Azad [Sambigliong, 6 episodes, 1976], Carole André [Lady Marianna Guillonk, 5 episodes, 1976], Andrea Giordana [Sir William Fitzgerald, 5 episodes, 1976], Shamsi [Giro Batol, 5 episodes, 1976], Malik Selamat [Sea Spider, 5 episodes, 1976], Hans Caninenberg [Lord Guillonk, 4 episodes, 1976], Milla Sannoner [Lucy Mallory, 3 episodes, 1976], Renzo Giovampietro [Dr. Kirby, 3 episodes, 1976], Judy Rosly [Mennoa, 3 episodes, 1976], Iwao Yoshioka [Daro, 3 episodes, 1976], Franco Fantasia [Captain van Doren, 2 episodes, 1976], Peter Godfrey Beaumont [Cruiser Commander, 2 episodes, 1976], Ganesh Kumar [Tremal Naik, 2 episodes, 1976]
Storyline: In 1976, Indian actor Kabir Bedi played the lead in Sandokan, a six-part miniseries for European television directed by Sergio Sollima. Carole André was cast as Lady Marianna Guillonk, Philippe Leroy played Sandokan's trusted friend and lieutenant Yanez de Gomera. The role of the main antagonist James Brooke was performed by Adolfo Celi. Sandokan was one of the most successful TV series of the italian television of the 70s. SANDOKAN, the Malaysian tiger. SANDOKAN makes for an admirable hero, and though his romantic with the very young MARIANNA, not yet 18, fresh and idealistic, seems trite, it forms one third of the triangle that keeps his world in balance. The other is his men and the community on his island stronghold of MOMPRACEM.
Storyline: Mompracem. The villagers are frightened and starved by the ferocious Sultan Abdullah, a ruler cowardly, cruel and coarse in the pay of the British. The young Jamilah back to Mompracem to shake the old "tigers" survivors, but is hunted by the guards of the sultan and is about to be killed, when intervenes to save the adventurer greek Teotokris, who decides to help her in her goal: a long journey to India in search of Sandokan, that there has run refugee, to convince him to continue his fight against the British. In India, Jamilah and Teotokris head at first by Yanez de Gomera - who in the meantime has married Surama, Maharani Indian Assam - for news of the "Tiger of Malaysia". Yanez, however, not recommended to Jamilah to persevere in his intention, because Sandokan after the last combats, he lost confidence in the relentless struggle that has always led against the English invaders, the girl, however, not give up and convince to give him Yanez the wily Kammamuri and two guards escort be guided in the forest of Bengal, Sandokan where he now lives. Here, the young actually manages to meet the Tiger and talk to him, but they do not want to know the past and goes back to his lonely life. James Brooke, however, is aware of the mission of the girl, and he went to Assam, he hires the Thugs, a dreaded religious sect of thugs who sacrifices his victims to the bloodthirsty goddess Kali, ordering him to prepare for the upcoming battle with the "Tiger of Malaysia ". That same night, in fact, the Thugs kill the guards and escort kidnap Jamilah to offer it to the goddess Kali. Sandokan, back at the camp of Jamilah, and aided by his faithful Tremal-Naik, organizes the counter: Do not fall into the trap set by the soldiers of Brooke, disguised as Tughs, and attacks the thugs alone, freeing Jamilah and fleeing with the Kammamuri companions and Teotokris, who found the street. In the escape, however, he decided to stop even the British soldiers, launched in pursuit of his squad. With him is the greek adventurer who, taking advantage of the situation hit him from behind at close range, but was unable to give him the coup de grace. It is so captured by Brooke, but once again manages to escape thanks to one of the tricks (with attached farce in French) of the faithful Yanez de Gomera. Along with all his companions, so prepare to return to Malaysia. Malaysia in the late nineteenth century, the pirate Sandokan fight against colonialist James Brooke, a British adventurer self-proclaimed White Rajah of Sarawak. Wounded by a bullet and fell into the sea as a result of an attack by William Fitzgerald, an English friend of Brooke, Sandokan landed on the beach of Labuan. The servants of Lord Guillonk, the head of the East India Company found unconscious and lead him to Marianna, the granddaughter of Lord Guillonk treating him. The girl is called by the islanders "the Pearl of Labuan", the two fall in love. Once recovered Sandokan talks about his past history and his decades (originally Sandokan was a prince) to Guillonk by not being hounded by the British. Guillonk organizes a hunting trip during which we discover the recent past pirate boy and Malaysian tiger with Yanez de Gomera is forced to flee. Sandokan first return to Labuan where Marianna convinced to follow him with the intention of getting married, but during a confrontation with the ship of James Brooke, Sandokan is stopped by here with a whole floor... Sandokan, just escaped from the prison where he had been imprisoned, Marianna manages to save the girl he loves, attacking the carriage that was heading for the port from which it would be playing for England. The two marry and she is proclaimed "Queen of Mompracem." James Brooke, an enemy from time to Sandokan, decides to use the stratagem of the epidemic to decimate his opponents. Thanks to the spread (an epidemic) of disease of cholera on the island of Mompracem makes the enemy army almost helpless. Sandokan forcing attacks to escape giving Mompracem Brooke. During the attack the same Marianna dies and Yanez, Sandokan's best friend, he is injured. The film ends with the decision of the Malaysian tiger to attack enemy forces with the intent to deliver his people.
First episode: The "White Rajah of Sarawak" Sir James Brooke, nicknamed "the Destroyer of the pirates," has now become very powerful and was able to create an independent kingdom from the mother country Great Britain. His only obstacle is Sandokan, a Malaysian prince of royal blood nicknamed the "Tiger of Malaysia". Brooke, with the help of Colonel Sir William Fitzgerald, a mission on behalf of Queen Victoria, and a "tiger" sold named Koa, is able to attack the pirate ship and kill the crew.
Second episode: Sandokan, survived by a miracle, he finds himself on the beach of Labuan which is rescued by the servants of Lord Guillonk, head of the East India Company on the eastern seas. The pirate, so, he pretends to a prince of Borneo to avoid being killed by the British. In this way enters into the good graces of Lord Guillonk and simultaneously fell in love with the grandson of the latter, Marianna, nicknamed the "Pearl of Labuan." On the occasion of the birthday of his nephew, Lord Guillonk organizes a hunt the tiger. Sandokan decides to kill the tiger alone and devote their prey in Marianna, as used in Malaysia to declare love to a woman.
Third episode: Sandokan kills the tiger, but is discovered and forced to flee. Help him reach the hunter Bengali Tremal-Naik and then Daro, the servant "deaf and dumb" that had saved his life in Labuan. Daro leads Sandokan in his village and that is where the tiger of malaysia discovers that his companions came to his rescue. Reunited with them and, above all, with his faithful "brother" Yanez de Gomera, Sandokan convinces Marianna reach Mompracem, but on the way to the island comes across an English cruiser. To save Marianna, Sandokan is forced to surrender.
Fourth episode: Sandokan is captured by the cruiser English and discover that the vessel has on board his enemy, James Brooke. To escape the gallows, Sandokan drink the poison that causes an apparent death, the symptoms last for three hours. The pirate, after being thrown into the sea awakens and luckily is rescued from prau Yanez. The latter, meanwhile, is sent to Labuan disguised as Sir Anthony Walker, Scottish businessman, to warn Marianna, leaving for England, which Sandokan is still alive. The pirate Portuguese, however, was discovered by Brooke.
Fifth episode: Sandokan ambush the escort of Marianna and manages to save the woman before it reaches the point of embarkation. In the clash, Sandokan manages to kill Sir William Fitzgerald and his escort and then also neutralizes the next attack of James Brooke, making him prisoner. At this point, is an exchange of prisoners: Brooke Yanez. And it is the latter into the sea to celebrate the marriage of Sandokan and Marianne. A year goes by, and after a period of quiet and very healthy for Mompracem spreads cholera on the island, imported from Batu, Rajah of Mati, in the pay of Brooke.
Sixth installment: Following the cholera, the people of Mompracem is halved. So Brooke attacks the island with its rangers and conquest. Sandokan, Yanez and with Marianna and a group of tigers, rangers attempts to escape, but during the flight Marianna was wounded in the abdomen by a bullet and died shortly after. The group surviving salt on a fishing boat and away from the island. After a few days Sandokan and his companions sighted a ship led by a handful of Malays decided to join them, reacting to the invasion of Brooke and continue the struggle against England. Sandokan, so he decided to continue his struggle against England.
The series included the episodes: 1. Hijack, 2. Mysterious Prince, 3. The Hunt for Tiger, 4. The Offer, 5. Betrayal, 6. The Battle.
[TV Mini-Series - 30 min (12 episodes) | 60 min (6 episodes) | 126 min (first series) | 115 min (second series) -  Adventure | Drama - Italian - Color - Italy | France | West Germany | UK - Bavaria Atelier, Bavaria Film, Incorporated Television Company (ITC)]

Swashbuckler (1976)
Director: James Goldstone
Writers: Jeffrey Bloom and Paul Wheeler (story)
Cast: Robert Shaw [Ned Lynch], James Earl Jones [Nick Debrett], Peter Boyle [Lord Durant], Geneviève Bujold [Jane Barnet], Beau Bridges [Major Folly], Geoffrey Holder [Cudjo], Avery Schreiber [Polonski], Tom Clancy [Mr. Moonbeam], Anjelica Huston [Woman of Dark Visage], Bernard Behrens [Sir James Barnet], Dorothy Tristan [Alice], Mark Baker [Lute Player], Kip Niven [Willard Culverwell], Tom Fitzsimmons [Corporal], Louisa Horton [Lady Barnet]
Storyline: A pirate and a hot-tempered noblewoman join forces to protect Jamaica from a tyrant. Pirate Ned Lynch (Robert Shaw) and his gang (including James Earl Jones) help Jane Barnet (Genevieve Bujold) fight evil Lord Durant (Peter Boyle).
[101 min - Action | Adventure | Comedy - English - Color - USA - Universal Pictures]

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