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Hai do zhang bao zai [aka Boatman Fighters, The] (1975) 
Director: Ching Liang Kwan
Writer: Sheng Liu
Cast: Tien Pai [Chang Pao-Chai], Fan Chiang [Tsui Ying], Hsin Ling [Tsai Chin-Hua], Chin Tang Tang [Chang Lao-san, as Tang Lung], Dai-wei Yang [Tsai Chang-Kan], Hsi Chang, Chok Chow Cheung, Di Chin [Wang Ta-Liang], Siu Loi Chow [Chiang Chuan], Yi-sheng Han, Kuo-liang Huang, Chun-Ching Ko [Yeh Chien], Yu Pai [Mrs. Chang], Shin Yu [Tiger Ho], Biao Yuen [Action | Adventure - Mandarin - Color - Taiwan | Hong Kong - Tien Huang Film Company]

Insula comorilor [aka Treasure Island] (1975)
Directors: Gilles Grangier and Sergiu Nicolaescu
Writer: Francisc Munteanu
Cast: Marc Di Napoli, Aurel Giurumia, Constantin Diplan, Constantin Baltaretu, Cristian Sofron, Mihai Berechet, Dan Nasta
Storyline: It is the sequel Pirates of the Pacific (1975). Group of boys on board brig Slough, after failing to escape, having thorough knowledge about navigation, shipwrecked on a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean after a storm. Unfortunately for them the island is just one given by pirate map that would hide a treasure. So the pirates not delay to make an appearance soon, but the secret treasure is not easy to discover...
[145 min - Adventure - Romanian - Color - Romania]

Master of Ballantrae, The (1975)
[TV Short - 30 min - Short | Adventure - English - UK - British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)]
Director: Fiona Cumming
Writers: Robert Louis Stevenson and Martin Worth
Cast: Brian Cox, Brigit Forsyth, Julian Glover, Joseph Greig, John MacFadden, Fulton Mackay [MacKay]

Piratii din Pacific [aka Pirates of the Pacific, The] (1975) 
Directors: Gilles Grangier and Sergiu Nicolaescu
Cast: Marc Di Napoli, Constantin Baltaretu (O'Brien), Mihai Berechet, Werner Pochath, Aurel Giurumia, Constantin Diplan (Tom), Frantz Seidenschwan, Didier Gaudron, Dan Nasta, Cristian Sofron, Dominique Planchot, Reiner Bascdow, Constantin Barbulescu, Angela Chiuaru, Nucu Paunescu, Constantin Nedelcu
Storyline: The ideal, Jules Verne's novel was originally adapted in several TV episodes, then concentrated to the big screen in two films: Pirates of the Pacific and Treasure Island. 15 boys, aged between 8 and 14 years old, a college student from New Zealand, climb aboard the "Slough", which is worn adrift and stranded on an uninhabited island in the Pacific. Little by beginning with Muslim Aid, the only survivor of the crew regroups and their lives improve, but rivalries are felt increasingly more in the community 15. A division of the group was about to occur when some bandits come ashore, but children will join forces to face... A year before the appearance of the film was co-produced by France and Germany show "Two years holiday", "Pirates of the Pacific" and "Treasure Island" representing transposition movie. Grandson of Lord Buchanan finds it the idea of  making a trip to the Pacific for 6 weeks with a group of colleagues. As the number of places is limited on board the 7 seats will be awarded by drawing lots. Since its inception will be a journey full of adventures, on a desert island dish recovering two sailors (Forbes and Pike) who claimed to be survivors of a shipwreck. Soon the two begin to show their true intentions, killing Tom (a sailor who begins to suspect evil intent), and in doing so that blame fall on O'Brian (another sailor). Once the boat stopped to buy food, the two will bring on board some henchmen and will take over the ship, keeping the boys to ask for a ransom...
[Adventure - Romanian - Color - Romania - Centrul de Productie Cinematografica Bucuresti ]

Swiss Family Robinson (1975)
Director: Leslie H. Martinson
Writers: Anthony Lawrence, John Meredyth Lucas and William Welch
Cast: Martin Milner [Karl Robinson], Helen Hunt [Helga Wagner], Pat Delaney [Lotte Robinson], Cameron Mitchell [Jeremiah Worth], Eric Olson [Ernie Robinson], Willie Aames [Fred Robinson]
Storyline: The series starred Martin Milner as Karl Robinson, the survivor of a shipwreck who found himself, his wife, and two sons stranded on a volcanic island. In one of her first acting performances, Helen Hunt co-starred as a young girl who was stranded on the island from the same shipwreck and taken in by the Robinson family. Befriending the Robinsons was Jeremiah Worth (played by Cameron Mitchell), a sailor who had survived on the island alone for seven years following an earlier shipwreck.
1.The Typhoon, 2. The Hawk, 3. Man o' War, 4. The Pit, 5. The Tiki, 6. The Mountain, 7. Neptune's Nephew, 8. The Slave Ship, 9. The Chimp, 10. The Captain, 11. Ernie's Christmas, 12. The Castaway, 13. The Treasure, 14. The Wild Dog, 15. The Renegades, 16. The Bell, 17. Jean LaFitte: Part 1, 18. Jean LaFitte: Part 2, 19. The Operation, 20. The Devils
[TV Series - 60 min (20 episodes) - Action | Adventure - English - Color - USA - 20th Century Fox Television, Irwin Allen Productions]

Trapalhão na Ilha do Tesouro, O [Trapalhao on Treasure Island, The] (1975)
Director: J.B. Tanko
Writers: Neyde Figueiredo, Victor Lima (story), Victor Lustosa, Robert Louis Stevenson (novel "Treasure Island") and J.B. Tanko
Cast: Renato Aragão [Zé Cação], Dedé Santana [Lula], Mário Cardoso [Carlos], Eliane Martins [Diana], Edson Guimarães [Long John Silver], Rafael de Carvalho, Germano Filho, Zeni Pereira, Eduardo de Albuquerque, Eduardo Antônio, Baiaco, Jotta Barroso, Indio Colombiano, Edson Farias, Amauri Guarilha
Storyline: Fishermen Ze Dogfish (Renato Aragão) and Lula (Dede Santana) discover the stash of a gang of smugglers and become persecuted by them. In pursuit of the bandits is also the federal agent Carlos (Mario Cardoso), passionate young Diana (Eliane Martins), which become companions. Everything unfolds in Pension Fisherman where comes the pirate Long John Silver (Edson Guimarães) in search of a treasure map hidden on a nearby island. The map is divided into two parts, becomes the object of persecution, and changed hands throughout the film and all leading to the island. There, pirates and smugglers are overcome, the girl is kidnapped and rescued Ze Dogfish find the treasure.
[Adventure | Comedy | Family - Portuguese - Color - Brazil - Embrafilme, J.B. Producoes Cinematograficas Ltd., J.B.Tanko Filmes, Renato Aragão Produções Cinematográficas]

Zhong lie tu [aka Valiant Ones, The] (1975) 
Director: King Hu
Writer: King Hu
Cast: Feng Hsu [Wu Re-shi], Ying Bai [Wu Jiyuan], Roy Chiao [Yu Da-you], Chia-hsiang Wu [Lin Mao-he], Billy Chan [Japanese swordsman pirate], Nan Chiang [Lin Tong], Yuet Sang Chin [Pirate], Ying-Chieh Han [Xu Dong], Li Jen Ho [Li], Pak-Kwong Ho [Pirate], Sammo Hung Kam-Bo [Hakatatsu], Kong Lau [Tang Ke-jian], Wen Tai Li [Lo Shao-tang], Mars [Japanese swordsman pirate], Wei Tao [Wang She-ke]
Storyline: Historical swordplay adventure about Chinese officials trying to find a way to thwart Japanese pirates plundering the coast of China. It's all rather slow going until the final full-scale battle in the woods between the Chinese soldiers and the pirates and the final duels on the beach between the heroes and the head pirate.
[102 min - Action | Drama | History - Mandarin - Color - Taiwan | Hong Kong - Golden Harvest Company, King Hu Productions]

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