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• Ice Pirates, The (1984)
• Master of Ballantrae, The (1984)

Ice Pirates, The (1984)
Director: Stewart Raffill
Writers: Stewart Raffill and Stanford Sherman
Cast: Robert Urich [Jason], Mary Crosby [Princess Karina], Michael D. Roberts [Roscoe], Anjelica Huston [Maida], John Matuszak [Killjoy], Ron Perlman [Zeno], John Carradine [Supreme Commander], Natalie Core [Nanny], Jeremy West [Zorn], Bruce Vilanch [Wendon], Alan Caillou [Count Paisley], Marcia Lewis [Frog Lady], Daryl Keith Roach [Fitzcairn / Prisoner, as Daryl Roach], Robert Symonds [Lanky Nibs], Gary Brockette [Percy the Robot]
Storyline: In the far future water is the most valuable substance. Two space pirates are captured, sold to a princess, and recruited to help her find her father who disappeared when he found information dangerous to the rulers. A real Space Opera with sword fights, explosions, fighting robots, monsters, bar fights and time warps.
[91 min - Comedy | Sci-Fi | Action - English - Color (Metrocolor) - USA - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), JF Productions]

Master of Ballantrae, The (1984)
Director: Douglas Hickox
Writers: William Bast (teleplay) and Robert Louis Stevenson (novel "The Master of Ballantrae" and story)
Cast: John Gielgud [Lord Durrisdeer], Ian Richardson [Mr. MacKellar], Finola Hughes [Alison Graeme], Nickolas Grace [Dass], Brian Blessed [Captain Teach], Ed Bishop [Pinkerton], Nick Brimble [Chew], Brian Coburn [John Mountain], Timothy Dalton [Col Francis Burke], Pavel Douglas [Bonnie Prince Charlie], Richard Driscoll [McGregor, as Steven Craine], Donald Eccles [John Paul], John Hallam [Captain Harris], Don Henderson [Hicks], Kim Hicks [Jessie Broun]
Storyline: It was not unusual in the 1980s for a British TV miniseries to resurface in America in the form of a re-edited feature-length "movie." The Master of Ballantrae, based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, offered a unique reversal on this process. Originally telecast in the United States as a three-hour TV film on January 31, 1984, the production subsequently aired on Scottish television as a six-part miniseries, 25 minutes per episode. The basic story remained the same: In 18th century Scotland, a toss of the coin determined that Henry would enlist in the service of Bonnie Prince Charlie, while James would stay behind as temporary master of Ballantrae Hall. Reported killed in battle, Henry spent the next several years trying to reclaim his birthright from his covetous brother.
[TV Movie - 150 min - Adventure - English - Color - UK | USA - Columbia Pictures Television, HTV, Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions]

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