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• Band of Pirates: Buccaneer Island (2007)
Carolina Stories: Pirates of the Carolinas (2007)
• Île au(x) trésor(s), L' [aka Treasured Island] (2007)
• Journey Behind the Scenes of 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End', A (2007)
• Lost Worlds, Season 2, Episode 17: Pirates of the Caribbean (2007)
• MythBusters, Season 5, Episode 2: Pirate Special (2007)
• MythBusters, Season 5, Episode 23: Pirates 2! (2007)
• One Piece: Episode of Alabaster - Sabaku no Ojou to Kaizoku Tachi (2007)
Pasión [aka Passion] (2007)
• Pirate Camp (2007)
• Pirate Gold: The Hunt for Black Sam's Treasure (2007)
Pirate Islands: The Lost Treasure of Fiji (2007)
• Pirate Master (2007)
• Pirate Scurvy Dog's Pieces of Eight (2007)
• Pirate Ship... Live!!! (2007)
• Pirates of Ghost Island (2007)
• Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007)
• Schatzinsel, Die [aka Treasure Island] (2007)
• Schatzinsel Spezial - Die wahre Geschichte (2007)
• Scheepsjongens van Bontekoe, De [aka Storm Bound] (2007)

Band of Pirates: Buccaneer Island (2007)
Directors: Tiger Lily Jones and Bruce Mercury
Writers: Bruce Mercury and Tiger Lily Jones
Cast: Bruce Mercury [Captain Black Bart], Tiger Lily Jones [Lydia], Robert 'R.J.' Jordan [William], Kim Delgado [Shaka], Elyse Mirto [Molly], G.W. Stevens [Blade], Guido Föhrweißer [Klaus, as Guido Fohrweisser], Tony Volu [Gaspe], Patrick Lambke [Badger], Bo Jordan [Bones], Oberon Selicio [Jamie Bellows], William Luduena [Carlos]
Storyline: Lydia and William sail into a swashbuckling adventure when the search for their missing father lands them on a deserted island fighting eight pirates for the map and the treasure it leads to. How will they survive? Who will get the treasure?
[Video - Action | Adventure | Family - English - Color - Mercury / Hula Babe Productions]

Carolina Stories: Pirates of the Carolinas (2007)
Director: Bruce Y. Mayer
Writer: Bruce Y. Mayer
Cast: Stanley Brewer [Pirate], Buzz Cornell [Burly Pirate], Sumer Jarvis [Tavern Girl / Street Peddler], Bruce Y. Mayer [Pirate], Joe Perry [Calico Jack], Wendell Prescott [Governor Eden], Liisa Rose [Anne Bonny], Joseph Safford [Pirate], Jim F. Wade [Pirate]
Storyline: Piracy has been a part of North and South Carolina's history for many centuries. Their adventures have been well documented through pirate trial documents and in numerous volumes written of their bloody exploits on the high seas. South Carolina ETV examines the lives of these pirates and follows their adventures during the period known as "The Golden Age of Piracy". "This period - roughly between 1690 and 1725, was an important time in Carolina's early history," affirms Producer Bruce Mayer. "This was the era that saw pirates the likes of Stede Bonnet, Calico Jack, Edward Low, Charles Vane, Anne Bonny & Mary Read - and the notorious Blackbeard, rise to prominence. This certainly must have been an extremely lively time as thousands of pirates infested the inlets and towns along the South Carolina and North Carolina coasts!" Trans-Atlantic trade was disrupted by pirates seeking their plunder...
[TV Documentary - 60 min - Documentary - English - Color - USA | India - South Carolina ETV]

Île au(x) trésor(s), L' [aka Treasured Island] (2007)
Director: Alain Berbérian
Writers: Fabrice Roger-Lacan (dialogue and screenplay), Sion Marciano (screenplay), William Solal (screenplay), Robert Louis Stevenson (based on novel) and Fabien Suarez (screenplay)
Cast: Gérard Jugnot [John Silver], Alice Taglioni [Evangeline Trelawney], Jean-Paul Rouve [Dr. Livesey], Vincent Rottiers [Jim Hawkins], Michael Culkin [Captain Smolett], Cyrille Eldin [Jason de Verpre], François Levantal [Ben Gunn], Stéphane Metzger [Bill], Chiké Okonkwo [Sam], John Rado [George], Olivier Schneider [Pirate #1], László Szili [Un pirate], Tamás Varga [Le vieux Stanley], Albert Goldberg [Pirate #2], Didier Flamand [Le Buzzard]
Storyline: Long John Silver is not a happy pirate. Fate has stolen from him not only his right leg, to which he was inordinately attached, but also a map showing the whereabouts of a vast lost treasure on an island in the Antilles.  Then his luck changes.  He finds not only someone who has seen the map but also a baroness who is prepared to finance an expedition to look for the treasure. Avast, me hearties, things are really beginning to look up for Long John Silver. 
[100 min - Adventure | Comedy - French - Color - France | UK | Hungary - FIT Productions, Studio Eight Productions, ASP]

Journey Behind the Scenes of 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End', A (2007)
Cast: Stephen Ananicz [Black Pearl Pirate], Orlando Bloom [Himself], Johnny Depp [Himself], Mark Casimir Dyniewicz [Gallows Pirate], Keira Knightley [Herself], Johnny Krump [Himself], Geoffrey Rush [Himself], Dino Santiago [Black Pearl Pirate]
Storyline: An extra long featurette showing some film and behind the scenes footage for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Included are some of the main characters' journeys (villains included!), the sets, the costumes and the stunts.
[TV Short - Short - English (English version) - Color - USA - Veggie Pirates Productions, Arc Productions, Starz Animation]

Lost Worlds, Season 2, Episode 17: Pirates of the Caribbean (2007)
Director: Tim Prokop
Cast: Lance J. Holt [Captain Henry Morgan], Frankie Angel [Master Gunner], Tessa Dunlop [Herself], Dorrick Grey [Himself], Ronald Hutton [Himself], Eddie Kritzler [Himself], Corey Lawson [Narrator], Peggy Leshikar-Denton [Herself], Jeremy Mitchell [Himself], James Robertson [Himself], David Stewart [Himself], Anette Tracy [Herself]
Storyline: During the heyday of piracy, fearsome buccaneers sailed the Caribbean in search of booty. Fortresses are raided, swords are drawn and galleons clash in an incredible story of glittering treasure and swashbuckling adventures. From the icy docks of Bristol to the tropical paradise of the Caribbean, discover the incredible world of the buccaneers.
[TV Episode - Documentary | History - English - Color - USA]

MythBusters, Season 5, Episode 2: Pirate Special (2007)
Directors: Alice Dallow and Tabitha Lentle
Writer: Chris Williams
Episode credited cast: Jamie Hyneman [Himself - Host], Adam Savage [Himself - Host], Tory Belleci [Himself - Builder], Grant Imahara [Himself - Builder], Kari Byron [Herself - Builder], Eric Braun [Himself], Linda Darnell [Edwina Mansfield, archive footage], Jacque Duncan [Himself], Douglas Fairbanks [The Black Pirate, archive footage], Chris Jannini [Himself], Robert Lee [Narrator, voice], Jessie Nelson [Herself], Robert Newton [Blackbeard, archive footage], John Phillips [Himself], Harry Webb [Himself]
Storyline: The myth busters explore the perils of those poor hapless pirates; cannonballs, shrapnel,eye patches, rum and dirty clothes. Hour Special with 4 Pirate Themes Myths. They included whether the eyepatch would help you see in the dark, whether you could use a knife to slide down a sail, whether a canon ball killed more people compared to the splinters, and whether alcohol could be a good cleaner for laundry.
[TV Episode - 120 min - Documentary | Mystery - English - Color - USA - Beyond Productions]

MythBusters, Season 5, Episode 23: Pirates 2! (2007)
Directors: Alice Dallow and Tabitha Lentle
Writer: Chris Williams
Episode credited cast: Jamie Hyneman [Himself - Host], Adam Savage [Himself - Host], Tory Belleci [Himself - Builder], Grant Imahara [Himself - Builder], Kari Byron [Herself - Builder], Johnny Depp [Captain Jack Sparrow, archive footage], Robert Lee [Narrator, voice], Sanjay Singh [Himself], Harry Webb [Himself]
Storyline: In this piratical sequel, the MythBusters once again plunder and pillage for maritime myth, testing two Pirates of the Caribbean movie-inspired myths and the curse of a Sand Neck Tie.
[TV Episode - 44 min - Documentary | Mystery - English - Color - USA - Beyond Productions]

One Piece: Episode of Alabaster - Sabaku no Ojou to Kaizoku Tachi (2007)
Director: Takahiro Imamura
Writers: Eiichiro Oda (comic) and Hirohiko Uesaka (screenplay)
Cast: Charles Baker [Lasso / Duck E, voice: English version], Troy Baker [Old Pirate / Man B, voice: English version], Anthony Bowling [Mr. 7, voice: English version], Luci Christian [Nami, voice: English version], Leah Clark [Miss Doublefinger, voice: English version], Colleen Clinkenbeard [Monkey D. Luffy, voice: English version], Kevin Connolly [Pell, voice: English version],
Cynthia Cranz [Miss Father's Day, voice: English version], Caitlin Glass [Nefertari Vivi, voice: English version], John Gremillion [Captain, voice: English version], Todd Haberkorn [Kohza, voice: English version], Kyle Hebert [Nefertari Cobra, voice: English version], Hiroaki Hirata [Sanji, Carue, voice], Tetsu Inada [Mr. 1 / Daz Bones, voice], Iemasa Kayumi [Cobra Nefertari, voice]
Storyline: In a retelling of the Arabasta Episodes. The Straw Hat Pirates are helping Vivi save her kingdom from being destroyed by a set up war. Which all began when the first drought occurred 3 years ago. All thanks to the secret organization call Baroque Works. Lead by Mr. 0 who's identity was unknown until Vivi revealed it to the StrawHat Pirates. And they all agreed to eliminate this criminal group in order to restore peace to the desert kingdom. But it's going to be a rough battle against Mr. 0, the Officer Agents, Millions Agents, and Billions Agents.
[Animation | Action | Adventure - Japanese - Color - Japan - Toei Animation Company]

Pasión [aka Passion] (2007)
Director: Monica Miguel
Writer: María Zarattini
Series cast summary: Susana González [Camila Darién], Fernando Colunga [Rícardo de Salamanca / Lopéz de Carvajal / Diego de Luján], Daniela Castro [Lisabeta de Salamanca], Sebastián Rulli [Santiago Márquez], Juan Ferrara [Don Jorge Mancera Y Ruíz], Rocío Banquells [Ofelia de Márquez], Gabriela Rivero [Fortunata], José Elías Moreno [Alberto Lafont], Raymundo Capetillo [Justo Darién], Maty Huitrón [Doña Francisca de Salamanca], Mariana Karr [Sofía de Mancera], Kika Edgar [Inés Márquez], Alberto Estrella [Mario de Valencia Fuentes], Maya Mishalska [Úrsula Mancera y Mendosa], Maité Embil [Rita Darién], Marcelo Córdoba [Ascanio], Marisol del Olmo [Jimena], Anaís [Manuela Lafont], William Levy [Vasco Darién], Carlos López Estrada [Claudio], José Antonio Barón [Agustín], Antonio Brenan [Crispín], Jorge Brenan [Pancho], Chao [Enrique], Aurora Clavel [La nana de Claudio y Ángel],
Luis Couturier [Padre Lorenzo], Iliana de la Garza [Cleotilde], Emoé de la Parra [Mercedes Almonte de Salamanca], Eric del Castillo [Don Gaspar de Valdez], Lorena Enríquez [Conchita], Alejandro Felipe [Paco], Martín Ferro [Mateo], Rocío Gallardo [Nicéfora], Paco Ibáñez [Pirata], Rafael Inclán [Pirata], Toño Infante [Don Gonzalo], Joshio [El Chino], Kokin Li [Bartolomé], Hugo Macías Macotela [Don Marcelino Telles], Toño Mauri [Álvaro Fernández de la Cueva], Xorge Noble [Bermejo], María Dolores Oliva [Auxiliadora], Oscar Ortiz de Pinedo [Salvador], Luis Reynoso [Pirata], Maya Ricot Rivero [Tita], Germán Robles [Don Timoteo de Salamanca], Tina Romero [Criada], Luis José Santander [John "El Ingles" Foreman Lancaster], Evelyn Solares [Ágata], Sheyla Tadeo [Singer], Jorge Trejo [Ángel Fernández de la Cueva], Isela Vega [María Julia "La Paisana"], Arturo Vázquez [Pablo], Andrés Zuno [Bernabet], Alejandro Ávila [Juancho]
Storyline: This passionate story begins in the era of Colonial Mexico when Camila Darién, the daughter of Justo Darién, owner of the general store and the mill of the town is celebrating her engagement to Santiago, the blacksmith of the village of San Fernando, after four years of him being gone. The party is interrupted by the men of Don Jorge Mancera, the whimsical Lord of the town, who has asserted his "droit de seigneur". An altercation ensues and Santiago is then wounded in the back, Camila is taken away by Don Jorge's men to the manor where he and his family live. Justo, Camila's father, and Ofelia, Santiago's mother go to the manor in order to stop Don Jorge from exercising 'his rights' over Camila as a bride-to-be and claiming her first. Don Jorge, however, is too drunk and cannot successfully perform the act with Camila. He allows Camila to leave on her word that she will never speak of what truly happened that night. Camila stays then at Santiago's bedside praying for his survival. Soon after, while she outside in a forest nearby is kidnapped by smugglers, raped and sold as a slave. Among the other captives to be sold she befriends another young woman and two brothers (one of whom will die later on. They are taken to a dock where a pirate ship awaits to take them away. There she will meet the ship's Captain nicknamed 'El Antillano.' All the captives are taken to the island of La Mariana to be auctioned off as slaves. Her new friends are bought by others and she is bought by an elderly man named Timoteo de Salamanca. While there, she is acquainted with Timoteo's blind and therefore ignored daughter Lisabeta and his spinster sister who takes care of her. Don Timoteo then makes her study and be tutored in skills that a high society lady must learn such as art and etiquette. Camila finds herself all but prisoner of this man, trapped in a gilded cage of sorts. She still misses her family back home and plans to run away by wearing male clothes and boarding a ship, but is later found by Don Timoteo. The latter enraged by her attempt of escape takes her home and punishes her by not letting her go out of his house and threatening to sell her to a brothel. Camila is outraged when she finds out that the only way to earn her freedom is by Don Timoteo dying and wishes for his end. At the same time, as a way for Don Timoteo's fortune, which he has stolen from his elder brother earlier on, to not fall in the hands of his nephew Ricardo or "Antillano," who has been forced into living a pirate's life because he was accused of killing a whore -it is made to understand that he met this woman at a brothel where he was a client, he forces Camila to marry him. Don Timoteo then becomes desperate for a male heir and forces Camila to have sex with him but he gets a sudden heart attack and dies without consummating the marriage. Camila as his widow inherits a great fortune, but there is a clause in the will that states that she can't give the inheritance away or her freedom will be revoked and she will face slavery yet again. She then unknowingly becomes a loathed enemy of Don Timoteo's blind daughter and sister, who swear to take the inheritance from her at any cost. The latter women in an effort to be rid of her before she marries their father and brother respectively had helped by sending a letter that Camila writes to her family. Sadly when the letter arrives to its destination it is lost at the hands of Camila's sister who because of selfish reasons breaks it. Camila leaves the city with the two of the remaining friends she met while under captivity, and with Ascanio, a man who was also owned by Timoteo who also becomes her friend. Deciding to enjoy her freedom and new found fortune. Camila returns to her village to find Santiago married to her sister. Santiago explains that his mother and her father arranged the marriage in order to distract Santiago from Camila's 'death.' Though she is very upset and heartbroken, there is nothing she can do out of respect to her sister. Although their new relationship of sister and brother-in-law crosses the line once or twice, it remains somewhat distant on her part, due to her morals telling her she's must stay away from him because he is her sister's husband. Camila's sister, Rita, however, who had manipulated events in order to marry Santiago, for whom she had obsessed over since childhood, is not happy with Camila's return, and fears for her shaky marriage. All but consumed by her unfounded jealousy. Using a portion of her inheritance Camila buys a house in San Fernando and asks Santiago to help her in fixing some problems with it. But this later makes all the townsfolk think that something is going on with Camila and Santiago, when in actuality nothing does. They don't know what to do because Rita is becoming increasingly angry and jealous over Santiago's confession that he still loves Camila. But Santiago can't help but still love her.
Meanwhile, back in La Mariana, Ricardo has promised his mother on her deathbed to reclaim the fortune given to Camila (because Don Timoteo had stolen it from Ricardo's father to begin with) and travels to San Fernando with his blind cousin Lisabeta, who is in love with him, and his Aunt Francisca who schemed with Timoteo to ruin the young, once playboy Ricardo out of jealousy of their brother. Ricardo's appearance is greatly changed, his hair is cut shorter and he, along with his fiercely loyal best friend Mario, also a pirate and second in command on the ship La Salamandra, appear in San Fernando dressed as Gentlemen. The pirate Antillano is now a noble. He also goes under a false family name -Lopez De Carvajal- so his real family name -Salamanca- does not give away his relations to Camila's deceased husband nor Lisabeta or the aunt, but mostly because if he uses it he can be taken prisoner and sentenced to be hanged. Once Ricardo arrives in San Fernando, he begins a friendship of sorts with Don Jorge, and is even considered as a potential husband for Don Jorge's flamboyant daughter, Ursula, who has been secretly meeting with Camila's older brother after a one-night stand that developed into a liaison. He then begins to court Camila in order to get her money but very soon after he realizes that the feelings he tried to ignore when he first saw her on board La Salamandra have developed into love. His falling in love with Camila causes his aunt and cousin to turn against him, more so the aunt than the cousin, who despite of her so called love still remains selfish. Lisabeta becomes increasingly jealous towards Camila and her ire burns and grows to incredible proportions. Camila realizes too that she has fallen in love with Ricardo, but is ignorant of his true identity, even though she is sure at least that he is the pirate known as Antillano, eventually she confronts him about it and he does not deny it. He is forced however to give her half of the truth out of fear of losing her. They consummate their love after spending a small time apart, albeit not being married yet, for which Camila feels guilty. Santiago reproaches her after he finds out what has happened between her and Ricardo asking her 'Why him and not me?' to which she replies what she has come to understand herself, telling him that theirs was a love that grew from a childhood friendship, and that the way she loves Ricardo is the love of a grown woman, able to make her own choices. That statement helps her somehow overcome the guilt and love Ricardo fully. Soon the tension caused by Don Jorge Mancera over his belief that Camila still owes him a night together, drives the lovers to a hurried wedding, edged on by Camila's father, which Ricardo agrees to, in order to protect her from Don Jorge's clutches. Since it's been too soon and Ricardo hasn't found yet a way to prove certain underhanded dealings by Mancera and his cohort Alberto LaFont in order to earn a Royal Pardon for his being a pirate, Camila's marriage to Ricardo is not binding and legal due to the fact that the family name he uses is not actually his. Still, Ricardo is afraid of her reaction and the chance of losing her, which proves founded for when Camila finds out she is not truly married to him and has been living with him as a mistress would, she leaves Ricardo. After a small period of time apart her friend Ximena tells her she's being foolish, that the man loves her, and paving the way for a reconciliation Ximena goes in search of Ricardo to tell him to go looking for Camila, that she will give in. They live in the same house for a time, but in separate bedrooms until Ricardo makes her realize that it doesn't make a difference because for him though the marriage isn't legal, the vows he made to her in front of the priest and therefore in front of God are real. They make love that night.
Parallel to this, a plot to make Camila surrender the inheritance is brewing. There is a letter written by doctor under pressure and bribery stating that Camila's marriage to Timoteo Salamanca was not real either because it was never consummated. After many trails and tribulations, and at one point believing that said letter was destroyed when it was not in reality, it happens that the letter falls into the hands of Lisabeta and her aunt by way of help from LaFont. Lisabeta recovers her father's inheritance, with the bonus of making Camila a slave again, but also leaving Lisabeta indebted to Alberto LaFont. Despite not wanting to, she finds herself marrying LaFont, who is by all means and purposes the vilest sort of creature there can be.
In an effort to escape slavery Ricardo \orders his men to take Camila away, while he sorts out the payment of part of the money from the Salamanca inheritance, the part Camila used to free her friends, buy a house, and several other expenditures to help her family and even save them from ruin, which was caused by a vengeful Mancera. They met once there, Ricardo riding out to see her, they spend the night together once more before she surrenders herself to the authorities to free Ricardo from jail, as they had taken him in her place hoping to lure her out of hiding, which works.
Soon after while Ricardo is away trying to gather the money owed his secret is revealed by Santiago, mainly out of jealousy, disguised by a pretended sense of morality and outrage. Camila's father though having become fond of Ricardo is the one that turns against him the hardest, after Santiago, or maybe alone given that Santiago always despised him. Ricardo hears that he's been found out he doesn't come back openly, but sends the money with Mario and all debts are settled. Camila has in the meantime been freed from jail but is kept as servant in the house that was once hers that now belongs to Lisabeta.
Ricardo goes to Camila one night without being seen and they plan their escape. Trying to get away with Camila, Ricardo is shot and gravely hurt by a sword wound as well. The attack is brought on by Lisabeta who screams and attracts the town's guard attention. Santiago is the one to command the guard to let him leave urged on by the pleas of a distraught Camila, and is taken away almost dead. The order is obeyed given the fact that in recent events it is announced that he is the only male heir of the Mancera line, albeit born outside both biological parents wedlock. Though Ricardo survives, and has to go through a very slow and painful recovery process, he's away from Camila and she does not know that, she however keeps hoping that he is still alive. Meanwhile, she finds out that she is pregnant and is forced by her father and Santiago, even with the help of Mancera and LaFont, to into hiding in another village because of her pregnancy. His father, afraid of people's comments, believing such thing will bring shame to the family Darien, is eager for her concealment, but promises her that her child will not be taken away from her. While she is away Santiago is officially named Don Jorge's son, so he and his wife, Rita, who rejoices too much in the perks of going up in life, according to her. One day she and Ursula go riding horses, then Alberto arrives and causes an accident with big consequences for Rita and her family -she dies. That is part of a plan LaFont has in motion, greed driving him, in an effort to eventually gain access to the kind of power his 'friend' Mancera enjoys he wants to force his daughter, Manuela, who is in love with Ascanio by the way, to marry Santiago who is a widower now. But with Ricardo apparently out of the way, now Santiago considers Camila for his wife.
At that same time, Lisabeta, now Alberto's wife, is now planning on kidnapping Camila's baby. Her plan is to bribe the midwife who works in the village where Camila is being hidden. The midwife is a treacherous and ambitious woman so she accepts to convince Camila that her son was born dead, she succeeds in this by not helping Camila properly throughout the delivery. Timely is also the fact that a poor girl has gone through a stillbirth the same night, so the midwife switches the babies and gives Camila's little boy to this girl to be fed and then after a while takes the baby to Lisabeta, who passes him off as a ward and names him after Ricardo's father, and baptizes him with her family name, which is Ricardo's as well . It also helps the deception that Camila has gone into early labor in the hurry of moving her out of the house she's been staying at when they learn that Ricardo has come back and is looking for her, after having learned from Ximena that he will soon be a father. Ricardo has a hard time trying to reach his love, being convalescent still and given that Santiago has deployed an unbelievable number of soldiers to catch him. After losing consciousness and waking up from a fever, Camila is told, as were her father and Santiago (as well as presented with a little body) that her son was born dead. She leaves her bed and goes crying and screaming at her father that it is his fault that she lost her baby, and that they had absolutely no right to be that cruel to her but most of all to an innocent creature. Camila mourns her baby and decides to go looking for her love, with the help of Mancera's wife, a lady named Sofia. There is a final big attack on a big city by a big group of pirates, of course Ricardo is among them, as he promised his allegiance to a pirate that once upon a time he served under, in payment of the money loaned from this individual to rescue Camila from jail. It is a coincidence that the place where Camila had gone was the same place Ricardo was going to attack. He somehow finds her just in the nick of time, just before a pirate takes her as part of his booty. Both men fight sword to sword, with Ricardo winning easily as he's a most skillful swordsman. Some other trouble ensues from this, where Camila has to witness the kind of life and actions that Ricardo has had to lead and would have never wanted her to see, before they are alone and Camila can tell him about the sorrows and misfortunes she's been through, and he can tell her about his as well, and mostly about their dead son. They come together that night. When Ricardo finally returns almost without any charge against him after learning of a Royal Waiver to all pirates, Lisabeta finds out that he's alive, and she hides the baby from him, and plans to escape as well. At some point Camilla tells Ricardo she though she heard a little cry before she fell prey to the fever and lost consciousness. That gives them hope to think that their baby is alive, and trough some hearsay and comments, they put everything together with the help of friends and some of her family and deduce that Lisabeta had him that whole time. To prove it Ricardo goes looking for the wily midwife, in his way he finds the girl who mas mother to the baby that did die, so he takes her to San Fernando too she both can be confronted and he may learn something that will help him prove his son is the baby Lisabeta has. In the end it is LaFont who confirms it. Lisabeta manages to escape from San Fernando with Pedro (Ricardo and Camila's son), but Ricardo succeeds in finding her and his son in time. He confronts her and explanations are given, after, tired of all the evil done to him Ricardo decides to take the higher road and lets his cousin and aunt leave. However these two meet bitter ends in their quest to escape. After a tearful reunion with his son Ricardo takes the baby to Camila. As any mother would, the moment she takes him in her arms is indescribably heartfelt and sweet. As with every happily ever after, the good are recompensed and the bad are punished. Evidence against Mancera and LaFont's misdeeds and crimes turns up, provided by the very pirate that Ricardo used to work for, so he presents this and thus is exonerated of all remaining charges against him. With his name cleared he is finally able to marry Camila, for real this time. In a twist of fate the lesser evil of the two villains -Mancera- dies of heart failure during a family gathering. Irate that he is the only one left to answer to the law, LaFont accuses Santiago of complicity in his father's dealings, and he too is sentenced, the first to beheading and the latter to serve many years in prison. Santiago, with the help of Ricardo escapes to become a monk in a distant land. The story ends with a voyage on Ricardo's ship next to Camila (now his wife), their son, Santiago and Rita's daughter an adoptive son (details of this aren't really important) and the knowledge that a new baby is on the way.
[TV Series - 45 min (95 episodes) - Drama - Spanish - Color - Mexico - Televisa S.A. de C.V.]

Pirate Camp (2007)
Director: Michael Kastenbaum
Writers: Jesse Lawler, Saundra McKenna (contributing writer) and Stephen Polk
Cast: Seth Adkins [Cooper], Michael Adam Hamilton [Bradford, as Michael A. Hamilton], Candice Accola [Annalisa / Tom], Corbin Bernsen [Hookbeard], Christopher Michael Casey [Casey-the-cook], Joshua Feinman [Rugburn], Sonia Kazarova [Mama Jumana], Jesse Lawler [Flunkie], Nic Novicki [Trimmer], Damian Perkins [Cabin Boy], Stephen Polk [Kidman], Connor Ross [Vic], Matthew Thompson [Cool J], Johanna Watts [Elizabeth]
Storyline: A stint at a fantasy pirate camp turns into a high-stakes, high-seas adventure for a group of teens (including Seth Adkins) who are unknowingly being trained to retrieve a treasure that’s been stamped with a dastardly curse. On the shores of an island with hidden secrets, Captain Hookbeard (Corbin Bernsen) and the notorious Blackbeard (John Kassir) rule the roost, and they won’t be satisfied until they get the gold they’re after.
[Action | Family - English - Color - USA - Antibody Films, Providence Productions]

Pirate Gold: The Hunt for Black Sam's Treasure (2007)
Storyline: Lying on the sea bed off the coast of Cape Cod, buried under 20 feet of sand is the wreck of an eighteenth century pirate ship. The Whydah, captained by the notorious Black Sam Bellamy, is the world’s only authenticated pirate ship and its secrets are being uncovered. Deep in the heart of the vessel lies an area which contains the precious "mother lode" of
treasure, tons and tons of pirate booty looted from 50 different ships. Witness the progress of the dive teams as they bring to the surface incredibly preserved artifacts, including a small shoe, silk stocking and part of a leg bone identified as that of 9-year-old John King, the world’s youngest pirate. We also follow the archaeologists and historians as they X-ray for the first
time, many of the mysterious concretions brought up from the seabed which they believe contain precious treasure and jewels, as well as pistols and cannon balls. Pirate Gold, a swashbuckling tale of sea-faring adventures bringing together the exhilarating stories of pirates from the past with the treasure hunting explorers of today.
[TV Documentary - Documentary - English - Color - UK - Firefly Film and Television Productions]

Pirate Islands: The Lost Treasure of Fiji (2007)
Director: Grant Brown
Writers: Chris Anastassiades, Philip Dalkin, Simon Butters, Sam Carroll, Max Dann, Kirsty Fisher, David Hannam, Joss King, Anthony Morris and Chris Roache
Cast: John Noble [Blackheart (13 episodes, 2007], Kain O'Keeffe [Tyler Bradden (13 episodes, 2007], Joey Atkins [Marty Bradden (13 episodes, 2007], Wame Valentine [Sol (13 episodes, 2007], Saskia Burmeister [Pirate Lily (13 episodes, 2007], Adelaide Clemens [Alison (13 episodes, 2007], Sera Tikotikoivatu [Kirra (13 episodes, 2007], Jim Daly [Dugal the Cook (10
episodes, 2007], Robert Grubb [Salty Ben (10 episodes, 2007], Nathan Vernon [Henry (9 episodes, 2007],  Bert Labonte [Sharktooth Pete (8 episodes, 2007], Francisco Dos Santos [Nick the Kroc (8 episodes, 2007], Bay Abbey [Scurry Bill (8 episodes, 2007], Tony Nikolakopoulos [Cannonball Bob (7 episodes, 2007]
Storyline: Following on from the first series of Pirate Islands, The Lost Treasure of Fiji is essentially a computer game. The characters find themselves pulled into this alternate reality world, and must try to find their way back out. Australian gaming champion Tyler came to Fiji to star in the fancy presentation of an unedited Pirates Island game and hopefully score with groupies, but his jealous, smart, mischievous kid brother Marty, who feels neglected, not only tries to cheat with codes he downloaded, when the virtual reality room goes wild the brothers and two girl participants get somehow transported into the game, on a Fijian island with native chief Sol's idyllic village and captain Blackheart's pirates, who look for an Egyptian
Pharoah's fabulous, enchanted treasure. The kids soon realize the only way to get back to their real lives is winning the game, but Marty decides to seize the opportunity to beat 'bad' big brother big time by siding with the pirates in the treasure-hunt, yet when it comes down to it neither can see his brother come to physical hurt... There's also a mutinous pirate...
Episode list: 1. Game On, 2. Sanctuary, 3. Nemesis, 4. Without Paddles, 5. Secrets and Lies, 6. Poison, 7. Mutiny, 8. Cross and Doublecross, 9. Choices, 10. Broadside, 11. Drum Roll, 12. Unholy Alliance, 13. Tabu.
[TV Series - 312 min - Adventure - English - Color - Australia]

Pirate Master (2007)
Series cast summary: Cameron Daddo [Himself - Host, (14 episodes, 2007], Ben Fagan [Himself, 14 episodes, 2007], Christa DeAngelo [Herself, 14 episodes, 2007], Jay Hatkow [Himself, 14 episodes, 2007], Louie Frase [Himself, 14 episodes, 2007], Laurel Schmidt [Herself, 13 episodes, 2007], Kendra Guffey [Herself, 12 episodes, 2007], Nessa Nemir [Herself, 11 episodes, 2007], Azmyth Kaminski [Himself, 10 episodes, 2007], Jupiter Mendoza [Herself, 9 episodes, 2007], Joe Don Morton [Himself, 9 episodes, 2007], Joycelyn McElveen [Herself, 8 episodes, 2007], Sean Twomey [Himself, 7 episodes, 2007], Cheryl Kosewicz [Herself, 6 episodes, 2007]
Storyline: Wannabe pirates compete in a high-seas adventure in search of a hidden treasure.
Episode Guide: 1. I Want That Treasure - A group of sixteen adventurers row out and board a huge ship in order to become a modern day pirate and undertake in their first expedition. 2. Pirates, Guns and Money - Captain Joe Don bribes Jay to be his inside man among the crew; and injury occurs to one pirate; another cast member is cut adrift. 3. Bribes, Lies, and Vengeful Eyes - Louie tries to drum up support for a mutiny; the pirates go on an expedition for $35,000 in gold; Jay shares his money with another crew member; another pirate is cut adrift. 4. Death by Coconuts - The pirates are in for a surprise when they find their next treasure, there is a strange twist in the game. After pirate's court, another crew member is cut adrift. 5. Loose Lips Sink Ships - Nessa believes she is targeted for elimination so she tries to buy the royal pardon. Another pirate is cut adrift. 6. Lambs To The Slaughter - Distraught
over their captain’s special treatment, several of the contestants start to discuss a potential mutiny. With their new secret society, they hope to have a large impact on the game and steer the ship as they please. However, most of the crew members have been content with having the treasures split equally amongst them; will this new system they propose create a larger rift in their ship? 7. Deal With the Devil - With the balance of power aboard ship tilting in their favor, the officers devise a cruel plan to tire out the crew just before they leave for the next expedition. Trade winds blow romance across the deck as two crew mates take their relationship to another level. Can an elusive treasure be recovered from behind a trap door? 8. Spirits in the Material World - The seven pirates who were previously cut adrift return to the ship and compete for the treasure that has already been discovered. Later, another pirate is eliminated by the crew. 9. 24 Hour Party Pirates - The ship's command is rocked to its foundation when an unexpected twist shocks them all! When the captain's bounty is recovered, a change in the Pirate's Code is unleashed on the winning crew. Eat, drink and be merry... for there is no tomorrow for one of these pirates. 10. Chickens with Their Heads Cut Off - In the aftermath of one pirate's dismissal, a new powerful alliance emerges. 11. A Judas in Their Midst - The remaining six pirates sleep in the next morning, attributed to their more lenient captain, Christa. Also allowing swim breaks and sharing the better food, Christa hopes this will keep everyone happy with her captaincy. She continues to plot with Ben and Jay, and the three agree that the Black Crew has to win the expedition. When Jay is placed on the Red Crew, he gives minimal effort, allowing the Black Crew to win yet again. To the dismay of the Black Crew, the expedition resulted in no treasure, as "A. Patel" took it for himself. Jay and Christa agree that Kendra's time has come, and Louie casually volunteers to be the other pirate to receive the Black Spot, as he is sure he will stay. At Pirate's Court, it is publicly revealed that Louie volunteered to be Black Spotted, and he faces scrutiny for having so much confidence he is safe, as Kendra has already survived five Black Spots. 12. Liar, Liar... Pirates on Fire - The final five pirates remain, and Ben and Christa deliberate on Jay's methods/schemes to remove the captain (Christa) from power. The expedition begins with a swim as the two crews go in search of the Astronomer's treasure. Laurel lags in the swim, slowing Louie down. Ben, Jay and Christa find difficulties along the way, but manage to pull through and win a $30,000 loot. Back on the ship, Jay, Ben and Christa go at each other's
necks on the issue of betraying each other and lying. Ben shows his true colors to Jay, and Jay does the same, as Christa goes into a meltdown of emotions. 13. Dirty Deeds… Not Done Dirt Cheap - Ben is left on the Red Crew, seperated from Christa and Jay, who are on the Black Crew. His attempts at throwing the expedition work as the Black Crew walks away with
$40,000 in treasure. Christa splits the treasure with the other pirates. She Black Spots Ben and Louie, promising Jay that he will not be getting a black spot. In the end, Jay decides to stick with his alliance and sets Louie adrift, leaving him, Christa, and Ben as the final three pirates. Who will claim the title of Pirate Master on next week's ultimate finale episode? 14. Master of Pirates.
[TV Series - Reality-TV - English - Color - USA - Mark Burnett Productions]

Pirate Scurvy Dog's Pieces of Eight (2007)
Director: Michael J. Elwell
Writer: Michael J. Elwell
Cast: Michael J. Elwell [Captain Scurvy F. Dog], Elwood Carlisle [Driftwood], Keisha [George Mary], Tanya Moon [Island Wench], Christopher Scott [Cork Screw], Yvetta Bartos [Cookie], Deena Casiano [Neptune's Daughter], Elizabeth Del Sol [Handsome Eddie, voice], Suzanne Donald [Seaweed Sally], Jim Fakhoury [JimLad], Vida Ghaffari [Gypsy Girl], Angel Morgan Lane [Mother Dog], Lisa Ann Medel [Island Girl], Ken O'Brien [1st Mate], Herman Rivera [Portuguese Head Gunner]
Storyline: Captain Scurvy F. Dog, Proprietor of the Caribbean Pub, Entertains his Patrons with Tales of his Privateerin' Adventures. Flashbacks of the Captain's 8 Voyages include Encounters with King Neptune, a Mermaid, WitchDoctor, Island Girls & a Sea Witch to name a few... With Dangerous, Sexy, Gross & Often Hilarious Results! Set Sail in a Tall Ship Headed for Disaster on the High Seas! Witness SwordFightin', Cannibalism & Wet Wenches! Sing Along to Scurvy Dog's Pirate Shanties, Learn Pirate Proverbs, Codes of Conduct & Treasure Never Afore Heared Pirate Jokes! So Grabs Yerself a Tankard of Rum, Lash the Wheel to Stern, Jerk Off... Yer Boots & Socks, & Join Captain Scurvy Dog, Along with Seaweed Sally, Drift Wood,
Cork Screw & the Rest of the Pirates & Wenches of the Caribbean in "Pirate Scurvy Dog's Pieces of Eight"!
[Video - 89 min - Comedy - English - Color - USA - Captain Mango Entertainment/Michael J. Elwell Productions]

Pirate Ship... Live!!! (2007)
Director: Susannah Ward
[TV Documentary - Documentary - English - Color - UK - Firefly Film and Television Productions]

Pirates of Ghost Island (2007)
Director: Mitch Toles
Writers: Ted Chalmers (story), Pauline Thomas and Kristin J. Johnson  
Cast: William Landsman [Brad], Maya Gilbert [Squid], Tate Ammons [Coast Guard], Tristan Baker [Mike], Jennifer Cascio [Callie], Ralph Finisterre [Native Ghost], Stephen Francis [Dutch], Noa Geller [Dawn], Robin Grattide [Conqueistador], Tarek Hawchar [James], Phil Heiple [Trickel], Jim Lee [Pirate on Beach #2], Jami Philbrick [Shark], Melissa Brooke Powell [Sarah / Liza, as Melissa Powell], Thomas Stiver [Captain Stye]
Storyline: After enjoying a graduation party amid a cruise, an unexpected storm strikes, stranding a group of young friends on an uninhabited island (or so they thought). Before they know it, they are thrown in a whirl-wind battle with the Pirates of Ghost Island, whom have taken over the island for the last 200 years. Who survives?... Six Spring Breakers become stranded on a presumably deserted desert island, only to discover that it's actually inhabited by a deranged clan of murderous pirates. Shipwrecked after their luxury cruise ship is swallowed up by the ocean, three men and three women attempt to make the best out of their time stranded on a remote beach. When one of the girls is inexplicably kidnapped, it begins to appear that their situation is more complicated than anyone could have expected. Upon venturing out to find their missing friend, noble vacationer Brad stumbles into a pair of pirates named Shark and Treacle who appear to have stepped out of some 17th Century time warp. Whether or not they are authentic pirates, Captain Style's crew is one volatile and unkempt lot. With booby traps planted all around and things looking fairly grim down in the grotto, the leader of the group and a group of disgruntled seafarers suddenly decide to stage a violent mutiny. Bu as the vacationers had suspected these are no ordinary pirates, and when the scallywags are impaled by swords it quickly becomes apparent that they aren't living creatures after all, but the walking dead.
[Video - 80 min - Horror - English - Color - USA - Lightning Home Entertainment, Movieplan.net, Pirate Ghost Productions]

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007)
Director: Gore Verbinski
Writers: Ted Elliott (characters and written by), Terry Rossio (characters and written by), Stuart Beattie (characters) and Jay Wolpert (characters)
Cast: Johnny Depp [Jack Sparrow], Geoffrey Rush [Captain Hector Barbossa], Orlando Bloom [Will Turner], Keira Knightley [Elizabeth Swann], Jack Davenport [Norrington], Bill Nighy [Davy Jones], Jonathan Pryce [Governor Weatherby Swann], Lee Arenberg [Pintel], Mackenzie Crook [Ragetti], Kevin McNally [Gibbs, as Kevin R. McNally], David Bailie [Cotton], Stellan Skarsgård
[Bootstrap Bill], Tom Hollander [Cutler Beckett], Naomie Harris [Tia Dalma], Martin Klebba [Marty]
Storyline: Captain Barbossa, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann must sail off the edge of the map, navigate treachery and betrayal, and make their final alliances for one last decisive battle. After Elizabeth, Will, and Captain Barbossa rescue Captain Jack Sparrow from the the land of the dead, they must face their foes, Davy Jones and Lord Cutler Beckett. Beckett, now with
control of Jones' heart, forms a dark alliance with him in order to rule the seas and wipe out the last of the Pirates. Now, Jack, Barbossa, Will, Elizabeth, Tia Dalma, and crew must call the Pirate Lords from the four corners of the globe, including the infamous Sao Feng, to gathering. The Pirate Lords want to release the goddess Calypso, Davy Jones's damned lover, from the trap they sent her to out of fear, in which the Pirate Lords must combine the 9 pieces that bound her by ritual to undo it and release her in hopes that she will help them fight. With this, all pirates will stand together and will make their final stand for freedom against Beckett, Jones, Norrington, the Flying Dutchman, and the entire East India Trading Company.
[169 min - Action | Adventure | Fantasy - English - Color - USA - Walt Disney Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Second Mate Productions]


Schatzinsel, Die [aka Treasure Island] (2007)
Director: Hansjörg Thurn
Writers: Robert Louis Stevenson (novel) and Hansjörg Thurn
Cast: François Goeske [Jim Hawkins], Diane Willems [Sheila O'Donnel, as Diane Siemons-Willems], Tobias Moretti [Long John Silver], Christian Redl [Billy Bones], Aleksandar Jovanovic [Dr. Livesey], Christian Tramitz [John Trelawney], Jürgen Vogel [Israel Hands], Silke Bodenbender [Annabelle Hawkins], André Hennicke [Ben Gunn], Richy Müller [Black Dog], Jürgen Schornagel [Captain Smollett], Wolfgang Michael [Mr. Arrows], Daniel Bohn [Abraham Gray], Gerd Langer [Tom Redruth], Gotthard Lange [Richard Joyce]
Storyline: A terrible storm is raging the night it all begins - with a knock on the door. 17-year-old Jim Hawkins helps his widowed mother run their little tavern on the coast of 19th century England. When the door is opened they are startled by a sight that makes their blood run cold. The figure standing there is covered in scars and has a strange, insane glint in his eye! In the days that follow the grizzled old sailor, Bill Bones, spends hours on end staring out to sea; until the day a crazed blind man at the head of a murderous gang of pirates tracks down Bill Bones - and murders him! All for a scrap of paper, Jim discovers to his amazement; But this scrap of paper is a map marking the location of fabulous buried treasure, gold, silver and jewels
saved over the years by the ruthless and highly successful pirate, Captain Flint. It is hidden on a distant, mysterious island - and Jim just manages to escape the furious pirates with the map...
[TV Series - 186 min (2 parts) - Adventure - German - Color - Germany - Janus Filmproduktion GmbH]

Schatzinsel Spezial - Die wahre Geschichte (2007)
Director: Robert Krause
Writer: Robert Krause (screenwriter)
[TV Documentary - 58 min - Documentary - English - Color - Canada | Germany - Odeon Film]

Scheepsjongens van Bontekoe, De [aka Storm Bound] (2007)
Director: Steven de Jong
Writers: Mischa Alexander (screenplay), Steven de Jong (screenplay) and Johan Fabricius (novel)
Cast: Pim Wessels [Hajo], Martijn Hendrickx [Rolf], Billy Zomerdijk [Padde], Reena Giasi [Dolimah], Peter Tuinman [Willem Ysbrantsz Bontekoe], Thomas Acda [Koksmaat Harmen], Bart Slegers [Schele], Cees Geel [Koopman], Mads Wittermans [Pieterszoon], Bas Keijzer [Jopkins], Chris Zegers [Chirurgijn Langjas], Jack Wouterse [Kapitein Bruinvis], Rense Westra [Dove Nelis], Thijs Feenstra [Stuurman], Stijn Somers [Stuurman]
Storyline: A ripping adventure yarn about teenage boys who join the crew of a ship of the Dutch East India Company in the 17th century. After a dramatic shipwreck and escape from an attack by natives, they must make their way to safety by themselves. Hajo wants to become a sailor despite his mother's fears and his father's death at sea. He befriends the son of a captain of the Dutch East India Company and joins the crew of their ship bound for the East Indies. Hajo's simple-minded friend Padde comes along by accident. Together they live through many of the dangers to which sailors were exposed in the 17th century. They survive a shipwreck and escape from an attack by natives which separates them from the rest of the crew. With the help of a pretty oriental girl they must find their way to safety. However, their friendship is threatened when the boys all fall in love with Dolimah. 
[135 min - Adventure | Family - Dutch - Color - Netherlands - Two Young Rights]

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