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• Île de Black Mór, Le [aka Island of Black Mor, The] (2004)
• Pirate Kids: Blackbeard's Lost Treasure (2004)

Île de Black Mór, Le [aka Island of Black Mor, The] (2004)
Director: Jean-François Laguionie
Writers: Jean-François Laguionie and Anik Leray
Cast: Frédéric Cerdal [voice], Jean-François Dérec [voice], Jean-Paul Roussillon [voice], Agathe Schumacher [voice], Mehani Taric [voice]
Storyline: Kid, a 15-year-old hard laborer, steals a map that promises to reveal the location of the notorious pirate Black Mor's treasure. Together with his crew -- MacGregor, Beanpole, Taka and Jim the monkey -- Kid procures a vessel and sets out to sea.
[85 min - Animation - French - Color - France - Dargaud Marina]

Pirate Kids: Blackbeard's Lost Treasure (2004)
Director: David Rotan
Writers: Aaron Rotan and David Rotan
Cast: Trey Brown [John], Evan Tilson Stroud [Rex], Rachel Lechler [Stephanie], Jim Austin [Earl], Judy DuBose [Ruby], Mark Wallace [Silas Payne], R. Keith Harris [John Armstrong, Jr. & Sr., as Keith Harris], John Munn [Officer Travis Lawrence], Amyott Ger [Seth], Charles Sandine [Kirby], Otis McCoin [Pirate]
Storyline: While visiting his grandmother on the coast of North Carolina, a young boy discovers a map and several clues which lead him and his two friends on a quest for buried treasure. But the kids aren't the only ones after the loot.
[Video - 92 min - Family - English - Color - USA - Totality Films LLC]

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