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• Lung fu siu yeh [aka Master of Disaster] (1981)
• Smuggler (1981)
• Yo ho ho (1981)

Lung fu siu yeh [aka Master of Disaster] (1981)
Director: Chia Yung Liu
Writer: Jing Wong
Cast: Chan-Peng Chang [Jue Gow-Jik], Han Chiang, Huang Chin, Sheng Fu [Chut Do-bo], Shi-nan Huang, Wai Lam [Librarian], King Chu Lee, Hui Huang Lin, Ke Ming Lin [Mr. Sun Sze, as Ke Ming],
Chia Hui Liu [Monk Mo Seung], Chia Yung Liu [Antiques Dealer Gu Lo-Jong], Hsin Shen [Monk Mo's Novice], Wilson Tong [Chief Cho Hung, as Tang Wei Shing], Sing-Kwong Tsang, Oi Sam Tsui [Mrs. Chu, Sheriff's Wife]
Storyline: A rich young man seeks to make a name for himself by being the one to discover a lost treasure. He teams up with a streetwise kung-fu artist and together, they set out to not only find the treasure, but to figure out who is behind the mysterious deaths of the treasure hunters before them. Liu Chia-Liang spins this Shaw Brothers period kung-fu flick about a pair of scalawags - Chi Ta-po (Alexander Fu-Sheng) and Chau Chu-chi (Chan Chang-peng) - who decide to track down some ill-gotten booty from a long-dead pirate named Chang Po-chu. They first manage to find a letter written by Chang and owned by a sly old antique collector who also happens to be a kung-fu whiz himself. From the letter, they learn of an evil priest named Wu Sheng (Gordon Lau) and a wicked lord named Mo Chung (Johnny Wang) who systematically killed anyone claiming a piece of the treasure. Wild high-flying kung-fu fights ensue.
[110 min - Action | Comedy - Color - Cantonese | Mandarin - Hong Kong - Shaw Brothers]

Smuggler (1981)
Directors: Dennis Abey, Jim Goddard and Charles Crichton
Series cast summary: Oliver Tobias [Jack Vincent], Lesley Dunlop [Sarah Morton], Hywel Williams-Ellis [Honesty Evans], Peter Capell [Captain König]
Storyline: Set in 1802, this fast-paced swashbuckler chronicles the adventures of ex-British naval officer turned smuggler Jack Vincent as he eludes revenue officers along the coast of England. A headstrong loner, Vincent frequently finds himself entangled in the espionage war between England and France in this early part of the Napoleon Era.
1. The Right Price: Part 1, 2. The Right Price: Part 2, 3. Forced Run, 4. The Respectable Traitor: Part 1, 5. The Respectable Traitor: Part 2, 6. Press Gang, 7. In at the Death, 8. Missing Princess, 9. Hogshead, 10. The Felon, 11. An Eye for an Eye, 12. Straw Man: Part 1, 13. Straw Man: Part 2.
[TV Series - 30 min [13 episodes, 325 minutes] - Adventure | History - Color - English - UK | Canada - Gatetarn, Harlech Television (HTV)]

Yo ho ho (1981)
Director: Zako Heskija
Writer: Valeri Petrov
Cast: Kiril Variyski [Aktyorat, Cherniyat pirat], Viktor Chouchkov [Leonid], Iliya Penev [Nepriyatniya, Gubernatora], Anani Anev [Gogo, Sedyashtiyat bik], Sonya Djulgerova [Sestra Tzetzi, Tzitziliya], Kirill Kavadarkov [Van Lun], Georgi Bakhchevanov [Rosko], Trifon Dzhonev [Luidzhi], Boris Lukanov [Profesorat], Rut Spasova [Maykata na Leonid], Vasil Stoychev [Kolegata na aktyora], Bojka Velkova [Bivshata zhena na Aktyora], Rumen Dimitrov [Zetyat na Nepriyatniya], Yordanka Lyubenova [Dashteryata na Nepriyatniya], Vladimir Yochev [Svalyachat]
Storyline: A young actor with his backbone broken (he is crippled after a bad fall on the stage) is being treated in a hospital. He is invalidated for good and he wills not to live further on. He gets acquainted with a 10-year-old boy, Leonid, from the adjoining room. The boy is spending time in hospital with an arm in a plastic cast. They make friends. In fact, the actor intends to use the kid to provide him with poison. He starts telling a marvelous fairy tale. "Yo-ho-ho" - this old refrain of a pirate song is all too familiar. For the sake of the boy the Actor invents stories about the good buccaneer who is fighting the evil ruler Alvarez who must be punished for his crimes. Little by little the real people in hospital are transformed into the imaginary heroes of the pirate stories that the Actor and the child vanquished by goodness, honesty and self-denial.
[98 min - Drama | Romance - Color - Bulgarian - Bulgaria - Boyana Film]

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