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• Caraibi [aka Pirates: Blood Brothers] (1999)
• Hornblower: The Duchess and the Devil [aka Horatio Hornblower: The Duchess and the Devil] (1999)
• Hornblower: The Frogs and the Lobsters [aka Horatio Hornblower: The Wrong War] (1999)
• Kidnapped in Paradise (1999)
• Kings & Pirates (1999)
• Lost Treasure of Sawtooth Island, The (1999)
• Pirates of the Plain (1999)
• Pirates (1999)
• Pirates: 3D Show [aka Pirates 4D] (1999)
• Predatori delle Antille, I [aka Sexy Pirates] (1999)
• Treasure of Pirate's Point (1999)

Caraibi [aka Pirates: Blood Brothers] (1999) 
Director: Lamberto Bava
Writer: Fabrizio Bettelli
Cast: Mario Adorf [Coda], Anna Falchi [Livia 'Aurigemma' Cornero], Jennifer Nitsch [Isabella], Nicholas Rogers [Ferrante 'Malasorte' Albrizzi], Paolo Seganti [Ippolito 'Du Bois' Albrizzi], Remo Girone [Count Cornero], Padma Lakshmi [Malinche], Francesco Casale [Passaia], Michaela Flenerova [Maid], Branislav Martinak [Haley], Gianni Musy [Massimiliano Albrizzi], Karel Roden [Pirate in pink]
Storyline: Born in a Milanese noble family, Ippolito masters every challenge with a combination of shrewdness and intelligence while his brother Ferrante is a brilliant swordsman. Both fall in love with Livia Cornero, the family enemy's daughter, and when Livia is shot by Ippolito's gun in a tragic brush with Cornero's men, they both realize that they were in love with the same woman. Ferrante runs away while Ippolito gets arrested. Years pass, and the two lads grow up into self-confident men. Ferrante, unable to get over Livia's death nor to forgive Ippolito, has an endless series of adventures and becomes a feared pirate, sailing the seven seas together with the notorious buccaneer Devil's Tail, while Ippolito risks his life every day as a spy in the service of the French. One day, fate confronts the two brothers: Ippolito has been ordered to track down the most intelligent and feared pirates and bring them to justice, and is quite unaware that one of them is his own brother... 
[TV Mini-Series - 360 min (4 parts) - Adventure - English - Color - Italy | Germany - Taurus Film, Mediaset, France 2 (FR2)]

Hornblower: The Duchess and the Devil [aka Horatio Hornblower: The Duchess and the Devil] (1999)
Director: Andrew Grieve
Writers: C.S. Forester (story) and Patrick Harbinson (screenplay)
Cast: Ioan Gruffudd [Horatio Hornblower], Robert Lindsay [Capt. Pellew], Cherie Lunghi [Duchess of Wharfedale], Christopher Fulford [M'Man Hunter], Ronald Pickup [Don Massaredo], Jamie Bamber [Kennedy], Jonathan Coy [Lieutenant Bracegirdle], John Woodvine [Sir Hew Dalrymple], Paul Copley [Matthews], Sean Gilder [Styles], Simon Sherlock [Oldroyd], Jean-Yves 
Berteloot [Etienne de Vergasse], Vincent S. Boluda [Spanish Lieutenant], Jolyon Baker [Captain Joubert], Colin MacLachlan [Master Bowles]
Storyline: Lt. Hornblower and his crew are captured by the enemy while escorting a Duchess who has secrets of her own. Hornblower captures the French vessel, Le Reve, and is asked by Pellew to sail her back to England so that she can be outfitted for the English navy, and also, as a favor, to convey the unusual Duchess of Wharfedale back home. Unfortunately, Le Reve, Hornblower, the duchess and the crew are captured by the Spanish and imprisoned. There, Horatio finds Kennedy, wasted and hopeless from months in solitary. Against the odds, Horatio must find a way to escape with Kennedy, against Hunter's protests, and with the growing suspicion that the duchess may not be who she appears. 
[TV Movie - 93 min - Adventure | Drama | War - French | Spanish | English - Color - UK - A&E Television Networks, Meridian Broadcasting, United Film and Television Productions]

Hornblower: The Frogs and the Lobsters [aka Horatio Hornblower: The Wrong War] (1999) 
Director: Andrew Grieve
Writers: C.S. Forester (novels) and Chris Ould (screenplay)
Cast: Ioan Gruffudd [Horatio Hornblower], Robert Lindsay [Capt. Sir Edward Pellew], Antony Sher [Colonel Moncoutant], John Shrapnel [General Charette], Samuel West [Major Edrington], Peter Vaughan [Admiral Lord Hood], Jean Badin [Fauré], Jamie Bamber [Acting Lt. Archie Kennedy], Paul Copley [Matthews], Jonathan Coy [Lt. Bracegirdle], Sean Gilder [Styles], Colin 
MacLachlan [Master Bowles], Simon Sherlock [Oldroyd], Estelle Skornik [Mariette]
Storyline: Lt. Hornblower and his mates are sent to accompany a doomed royalist invasion of revolutionary France. Hornblower is called to take a company of British troops (which the sailors call lobsters because of their red coats) and a company of French nationalists to France to fight in the revolution. But Hornblower is horrified by the brutality of the French 
commander as he guillotines everyone in a village that destroyed his former home and his unwillingness to take part in the actual battles. However, when the commander and his men set out to rape and brutalize a young school teacher, Hornblower vows his protection of her.
[TV Movie - 100 min - Adventure | Drama | War - French | English - Color - UK - Meridian Broadcasting, United Film and Television Productions, A&E Network]

Kidnapped in Paradise (1999)
Director: Rob Hedden
Writers: David Chisholm (story and teleplay), Barry J. Weitz (story, as Barry Weitz)
Cast: Joely Fisher [Beth Emerson], Charlotte Ross [Megan Emerson], Robert Knepper [Renard], David Beecroft [Matt Palin], Kerry Corcoran [Jack], Steve DuMouchel [Marley, as Steve Du Mouchel], Renny Roker [Lieutenant Galey], Resat Revan-Djat [Max], Juan Guzmán [Heavy Set Man, as Juanra Guzman], Brenda Lopez [Ericka], Dean Mumford [Harrison], Tyler C. Daum [Tanner], Modesto Lacen [Jamie], Rick Amon [Man], Tanya Soler [Woman]
Storyline: A woman (Joely Fisher) engages a down-on-his-luck sailor (David Beecroft) to help her find her sister (Charlotte Ross), who was kidnapped by modern day pirates. Beth, a lawyer from Denver, arrives in the Caribbean for her sister Megan's wedding. But things take a turn when Megan is kidnapped and her fiance killed by a small group of modern day pirates led by the sinister Renard. Having gotten away, Beth asks a reluctant Matt, a drunken sailor and former smuggler, to help her find her sister before it's too late. Strong performances from the cast, good character development and, most of all, the unequalled charm, beauty and sincerity of Joely Fisher in the lead role.
[TV Movie - 91 min - Crime | Thriller - English - Color - USA - Universal TV]

Kings & Pirates (1999)
Writers: Michael Olmert, Susan Winslow
Cast: Raphael Guiney [Narrator], Stan Watt [Narrator]
[TV Documentary - Documentary - English - Color - USA]

Lost Treasure of Sawtooth Island, The (1999)
Director: Richard Brauer
Writer: Terry Caszatt
Cast: Ernest Borgnine [Ben Quinn], Seth Bernard [Danny Quinn], Brennan Hesser [Smokey Jeanne], Logan Lipton [Rufe], Mike Kelly [Toby Weems], Guy Sanville [Peter Brand], Randall Godwin [Doc Biehler, as Randy Godwin], Denni Don Hunting [Mother], Ashley Bowers [Angel], David Montee [Tony Brigatti], Clarence Bailey [Edward Morningfish], John Dew [Sheriff Rowlands], Tim Mowrey [Minister], Jeremiah Pheasant [Native American Boy], Dakota Funmaker [Native American Boy]
Storyline: Danny Quinn (Seth Bernard) lives with one great dream... he wants to prove his late father was right about a pirate treasure in the depths of Lake Michigan. Everyone opposes Danny's dream... 
[92 min - Adventure | Family - English - Color - USA - Picaroon Film Associates Inc., Brauer Productions Inc.]

Pirates of the Plain (1999)
Director: John R. Cherry III
Writer: John R. Cherry III
Cast: Tim Curry [Jezebel Jack], Seth Adkins [Bobby], Jeffrey Pillars [DeGroot], Jeffrey Buckner Ford [Skinner, as Buck Ford], Charles Napier [Grandpa], Dee Wallace [Glenna, as Dee Wallace-Stone], Sean Higgs [Suey], Danny Keogh [Murzol], Peter Butler [Ship's Medic], Jeroen Kranenburg [Ross], Farouk Valley-Omar [Makaka], Andre Jacobs [Thurston, as André Jacobs], David Müller [Boatswain], Rick Rogers [One-Eyed], Michael Müller [Big Pete]
Storyline: Never was a treasure so sought after, an adventure so unforgettable, a friendship so unexpected.
[93 min - Adventure | Family | Fantasy - English - Color - USA - Pirates Productions]

Pirates (1999–2000)
Directors: Wayne Moss, Chuck Rubin
Writer: Jeff Rosen
Cast: Ben Jain [Sleeping Boy (1999), Pirate], Josh MacDonald [Captain kid], Susan Quinn [Emma Sophia, as Susan Dalton]
[TV Series - 15 min - Family - English - Color - Canada - Crossbones Productions]

Pirates: 3D Show [aka Pirates 4D] (1999)
Director: Keith Melton
Writer: Eric Idle
Cast: Leslie Nielsen [Captain Lucky], Eric Idle [Pierre], Adam Wylie [Davey], Brian D. Pollock [Cactus pirate], Isaac C. Singleton Jr. [Black pirate]
Storyline: Takes Comedy to a new dimension!
[17 min - Comedy | Short - English - Color - USA - Busch Entertainment Corporation]

Predatori delle Antille, I [aka Sexy Pirates] (1999)
Director: Joe D'Amato
Writers: Donna Dane (screenplay) and Donna Dane (story)
Cast: Anita Rinaldi [Lady Elena Hamilton, as Anita Skulteti], Venere Torti [Pilar], Carlo De Palma [Thomas Butler], Menyhért René Balog-Dutombé [Lord Hamilton, as Menyhert Dutombe], Laszlo Madarasz [Don Diego de la Vega], Whutang Tung [Kato], Henrik Pauer [George Rachman], Gabor Kun [Jean], István Hangos [Gallon], György Szép [Gomez], Zoltán Kiss [Captain Graham], Gyorgy Fabri [Paco], Laszlo Szabo [Ramon], Lajos Dejan [King Charles]
Storyline: Sir Francis Hamilton, ambassador of King Charles II, sails from England to Jamaica where he has to sign a peace treaty with France. On the way to the Carribean his ship is attacked by a band of pirates, headed by the dreadfully renowned George Rackman. As soon as they discover the real identity of their prey, the predators kidnap Sir Hamilton to ask his wife a huge ransom.
[88 min - Adventure | History | Romance - Italian - Color - Italy - IDRA MUSIC Srl]

Treasure of Pirate's Point (1999)
Director: Richard Stanley
Writer: Richard Stanley
Cast: Keith Allison [Buck / Swashbuckler], Roscoe Detroit [Peg Leg / Deputy #2], Lindsay Frost [Sally], Sam Gifaldi [Bobby], Gary Hudson [Al Brock / Hook], Marvin J. McIntyre [Beard / Deputy #3], Asher Metchik [Ray], William Morgan Sheppard [Charles Vane / Captain], Brittany Alyse Smith [Flame], Lionel Mark Smith [Patch / Deputy #1]
Storyline: Ahoy Maties! There's a treasure chest of gold buried on Pirate's Point. When the living descendant of legendary pirate Captain Vane lets Ray in on the secret, there's mutiny in the town. Now, Ray and his friends are on a mission to recover the loot and foil an evil plan. In the meantime they learn that friendship is the most precious treasure of all.
[Video - 85 min - Adventure | Family - English - Color - USA]

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