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George's Island (1989)
Trouble in Paradise (1989)

George's Island (1989)
Director: Paul Donovan
Writers: Maura O'Connell and Paul Donovan
Cast: Ian Bannen [Captain Waters], Sheila McCarthy [Miss Birdwood], Maury Chaykin [Mr. Droonfield], Nathaniel Moreau [George Waters], Vickie Ridler [Bonnie], Brian Downey [Mr. Beane], Irene Hogan [Mrs. Beane], Gary Reineke [Captain Kidd], Chas Lawther [Blinky], Avery Saltzman [Buntwhip], Gary Vermeir [Jellybee], Scott Owen [Petey], Ken Strong [Jinkson], Anna Cameron [Judge], Joseph Rutten [Leech]
Storyline: This is a tale about two children who are put in a foster home, and then on Halloween they breakout and are rescued by their eccentric grandfather who is in a Halloween costume of an eyeball. They then go to Georges island to try and find the treasure of Captain Kidd.
[89 min - Adventure | Drama | Family - English - Color - Canada - National Film Board of Canada (NFB), Téléfilm Canada, First Choice Films]

Trouble in Paradise (1989)
Director: Di Drew
Writers: Robert Sherman (story and teleplay) and Ben Marshall (teleplay)
Cast: Raquel Welch [Rachel], Jack Thompson [Jake], Nicholas Hammond [Arthur], John Gregg [Seth], Anthony Brandon Wong [Ringe, as Anthony Wong], Ralph Cotterill [Hughes], Adrian Brown [Gang Han], James Condon [Captain Lindstrom], Bogdan Koca [Lustig], Tim Elston [Clayton], Charles Little [Minister], Stephen Kuhn [Embassy Official], Waldemar Gorechi [Seaman in Bar], Peter Gow [Chauffeur]
Storyline: Shipwrecked on an island, a woman finds it difficult to deal with an uncouth beach-combing hermit. Rachel, a recent widow, is flying back to the US from the orient when the plane crashes onto a desert island. With only one other survivor they are determined to be rescued. With an extreme turn of events, they are found, but by her husband who faked his death.
[TV Movie - 100 min - Adventure | Comedy - English - Color - Australia | USA - Nine Network Australia, Qintex Entertainment, Harvey Matofsky Entertainment]

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