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Ancient Mysteries, Season 4, Episode 17: Lost City of Pirates (1997)
Ecce Pirate (1997)
Great Ships: The Pirate Ships, The (1997)
Matusalem II: le dernier des Beauchesne [aka Matusalem II: The Last Beauchesne] (1997)
Pirate Tales (1997)
Sea Tales, Season 1, Episode 2: The Witch and the Pirate Prince (1997)
Treasure Island (1997)

Ancient Mysteries, Season 4, Episode 17: Lost City of Pirates (1997)
Episode credited cast: Leonard Nimoy [Himself - Host]
Storyline: Mysteries surrounding pirates and legendary cities. Pirate Blackbeard; women buccaneers; sunken city.
[TV Episode - Documentary | History | Mystery]

Ecce Pirate (1997)
Director: Matthew Modine
Writer: Matthew Modine
Cast: Richard Leaf [Ecce Pirate], Rex Linn [Captain Spot], Christopher Masterson [Young Ecce]
Storyline: A young boys life is changed when he's kidnapped by sea pirates. A prisoner on board their ship, he learns to accept that his life will never be the same. As he grows older and wiser he becomes, Ecce Pirate, king of all he chooses to reign! 
[22 min - Short - English - Color - USA - Cinco Dedos Peliculas]

Great Ships: The Pirate Ships, The (1997)
Director: Monte Markham
Writers: Lee Fulkerson and John Wesslen
Episode complete credited cast: Monte Markham [Narrator, voice], Stuart Frank [Himself - Director: Kendall Whaling Museum, as Dr. Stuart Frank], David Cordingly [Himself - Historian, as Dr. David Cordingly], Richard Luckett [Himself - Historian: Magdalene College, Cambridge, as Dr. Richard Luckett], 
Storyline: A history brief of piracy through eighteen centuries, with emphasis on ship building and maneuvering in the eighteenth century.
[TV Episode - 47 min - English - Color - USA - Perpetual Motion Films]

Matusalem II: le dernier des Beauchesne [aka Matusalem II: The Last Beauchesne] (1997)
Director: Roger Cantin
Cast: Manuel Aranguiz [Diego Vielo], Jean Pierre Bergeron [Sergent Letendre], Pierre-Luc Brillant [Bernard Picard], Raymond Cloutier [El Diablo], Steve Gendron [Laurent St-Pierre], Magali Gevaert [Béatrice Levallet], Germain Houde [Père Lachaise], Marc Labrèche [Ambroise Dubuc de Beauchesne], Jack Lapointe [Boudurien], Jessica Malka [Virginie], Marie-France Monette [Hélène Lafleur], Émile Proulx-Cloutier [Olivier St-Pierre], Patricia Pérez [Esperenza del Plata y Oro]
Storyline: A year had passed since the last aventure of Olivier and his friends. The day before his birthday, the door through space and time re-opened. This time, Olivier and his friends would have to face El Diablo, who became captain since the last time, and his mens, lost in the middle on the jungle and being hunt down by the spanish army. 
[98 min - Adventure | Fantasy - Canada - Les Films Vision 4]

Pirate Tales (1997)
Director: Kevin McCarey
Writer: Kevin McCarey
Cast: Chuck Shamata [Narrator, voice], Roger Daltrey [William Dampier], Richard Schumann, Antoinette Brennan, Raphael Alvarado, Kamil Assad, Brett McCarey, Jason Culbreath, Norman Allen, Tom Maciolek, Donald Coleman, Paul Scanion, Abigail Schumann, Leo Gannon, Nino Rogers
[TV Mini-Series - Adventure | Drama | History - English - Color - USA - Expanding Television Properties, Turner Original Productions]

Sea Tales, Season 1, Episode 2: The Witch and the Pirate Prince (1997)
Director: Melissa Jo Peltier
Writers: Melissa Jo Peltier (creator, head writer and writer)
Episode credited cast: Eileen O'Hara [Black Beard's Wife, as Eileen Womack],  Patrick Tull [Narrator, voice]
[TV Episode - MPH Entertainment Productions]

Treasure Island (1997)
Director: Dino Athanassiou
Cast: Chris Barrie [Captain Smollett, voice], Dawn French [Jim Hawkins, voice], Richard E. Grant [Long John Silver, voice], Hugh Laurie [Squire Trelawney, voice], Robert Powell [Dr. Livesey, voice], Juliet Stevenson [Jane, voice]
Storyline: A Mysterious Map, A Hidden Treasure, The Greatest Adventure Of All!
[Video - 91 min - Animation - English - Color - UK]

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