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• Hook (1991)
• Kabuto [aka Journey of Honor] (1991)
• Misteri della giungla nera, I [aka Mysteries of the Dark Jungle, The] (1991)
Pirates Island (1991)
• Pirates of Dark Water, The (1991)
Pirate Prince (1991)

Hook (1991)
Director: Steven Spielberg
Writers: J.M. Barrie (books and play), James V. Hart (screen story and screenplay, as Jim V. Hart), Nick Castle (screen story) and Malia Scotch Marmo (screenplay)
Cast: Dustin Hoffman [Capt. Hook], Robin Williams [Peter Banning], Julia Roberts [Tinkerbell], Bob Hoskins [Smee], Maggie Smith [Granny Wendy], Caroline Goodall [Moira Banning], Charlie Korsmo [Jack 'Jackie' Banning], Amber Scott [Maggie Banning], Laurel Cronin [Liza, Wendy's Housekeeper], Phil Collins [Inspector Good], Arthur Malet [Tootles], Isaiah Robinson [Pockets], Jasen Fisher [Ace], Dante Basco [Rufio], Raushan Hammond [Thud Butt]
Storyline: When Capt. Hook kidnaps his children, an adult Peter Pan must return to Neverland and reclaim his youthful spirit in order to challenge his old enemy. Peter Pan (Williams) has grown up to be a cut-throat merger and acquisitions lawyer, and is married to Wendy's granddaughter. Captain Hook (Hoffman) kidnaps his children, and Peter returns to Never Land with Tinkerbell (Roberts). With the help of her and the Lost Boys, he must remember how to be Peter Pan again in order to save his children by battling with Captain Hook once again.
[144 min - Adventure | Comedy | Family - English - Color - USA - TriStar Pictures, Amblin Entertainment]

Kabuto [aka Journey of Honor] (1991) 
Director: Gordon Hessler
Writers: Shô Kosugi (story), Nelson Gidding (story and screenplay)
Cast: Shô Kosugi [Daigoro Mayeda], David Essex [Don Pedro], Kane Kosugi [Yorimune], Christopher Lee [King Philip], Norman Lloyd [Father Vasco], Ronald Pickup [Capt. Crawford], John Rhys-Davies [El Zaidan], Polly Walker [Cecilia], Dylan Kussman [Smitty], Miwa Takada [Yadogimi], Nijiko Kiyokawa [Counselor], Toshirô Mifune [Lord Ieyasu], Yuki Sugimura [Chiyo Mayeda], 
Ken Sekiguchi [Ishikawa], Naoto Shigemizu [Nakamura]
Storyline: In the 17th century Japan is divided between two forces. The eastern army lead by the Warlord Tokugawa Ieyasu and the western army which fights for Toyotomi's clan. Despite wining a recent battle, things look grim for the eastern army. Toyotomi's army has a supply of modern firearms, a weapon which might turn the tides of war. Tokugawa Ieyasu send his trusted samurai Mayeda and his son Yourimune to Spain. There they are to purchase 5000 muskets. But it's a dangerous journey and there are many who plot against them. And when they finally arrive in Spain, nothing goes the way they expected. 
[107 min - Action | Adventure | Drama - English - Color - Japan | USA | UK - Sanyo Finance, Mayeda Productions Inc., Sho Kosugi Corporation]

Misteri della giungla nera, I [aka Mysteries of the Dark Jungle, The] (1991)
Director: Kevin Connor
Writers: Sandro Petraglia, Stefano Rulli and Emilio Salgari (novel)
Cast: Stacy Keach [Colonel Edward Corishant], Virna Lisi [Sara Corishant], John Rhys-Davies [O'Connor], Kabir Bedi [Kammamuri], Derrick Branche [Mohan Singh],  Günther Maria Halmer [Stefan Krüger], Cornelia Hayes O'Herlihy [Deborah Corishant], Gabrielle Anwar [Ada Corishant], Anthony Calf [Richard], Bob Christo [Thug], Amerjit Deu [Tremal Naik], Ayesha Dharker [Young girl], Ennio Fantastichini [Farah], Sancho Gracia [Father Flores], Jessica Marshall-Gardiner [Young Deborah]
Storyline: The scene is India in the middle of the 19th century. Deep in the impenetrable forests of the Dark Jungle, the palace of the Maharajah of Rangnagar is raided by robbers who want to steal his legendary treasure. A battle takes place in which almost all the family and all the servants and soldiers lose their lives. There are only three survivors: Prince Tremal Naik, the Maharajah's little son, Gita, his nurse, and the bold warrior Kammamuri. Kammamuri takes it upon himself to look after the child. He takes him to live in a fisherman's hut by the river and brings him up to become a peace-loving young man who makes the mysterious world of the jungle his home. For a long time Tremal Naik, unaware of the terrible fate his family has suffered, believes Kammamuri to be his father. At the same time, in Aurangpore, Ada, the little fair-haired daughter of the British Colonel Corishant, is kidnapped... 
[TV Mini-Series - 98 min - English - Color - Spain | Italy | France | Germany | Austria]

Pirates Island (1991)
Director: Viktors Ritelis
Writers: Isabelle Dean Wayne Doyle (story) and Rick Maier (screenplay and story)
Cast: Beth Buchanan [Sarah], Brian Rooney [Jim], Sancho Gracia [Sancho], John Jarratt [The Jackel], David Argue [Snerdle], Cornelia Frances [Captain Blackheart], Roger Ward [Slavemaster], Les Hill [Tony], Matt Doran [Grommet, as Matthew Doran], Dan Chesterman [Brad], Daniel Funnell [Ahab], Peter Carmody [Stan], Lynn Dalby [Helen], Jill McKay [Old Lady], 
Michael Mundell [Teacher]
[TV Movie - Adventure | Family - English - Color - Australia | Spain - Televisión Española (TVE), Grundy Television Productions]

Pirates of Dark Water, The (1991–1992)
Storyline: When Ren, a young son of a lighthouse keeper, rescues a stranger foundering in the rocks near his home, he learns the man was an aide to his true father, a great king. Ren is given a magic compass crystal that guides him to a dragon who shows him that the only way to claim his heritage is to find the Thirteen Treasures of Rule. Unfortunately, a pirate ship captained by the evil Bloth is also aware of this treasure and is relentlessly pursuing Ren for it. On his side, Ren soon acquires companions like Ioz the Pirate, Tula the Eco-Mage and Nibbler the Monkey Bird who help him in his quest. That quest becomes all the more urgent when Ren learns that the Dark Water, a carnivorous form of water that consumes anything it snares, threatens to envelope and destroy his world and only the treasures he seeks can stop it.
[TV Series -  30 min (21 episodes) - Animation | Action | Adventure - English - Color - USA - Fil-Cartoons, Hanna-Barbera Productions]
1. The Quest, 2. Dishonor, 3. Break Up, 4. Betrayal, 5. Victory, 6. Andorus, 7. A Drop of Darkness, 8. The Beast and the Bell, 9. Panacea, 10. King Niddler, 11. The Collection, 12. The Little Leviathan, 13. The Dark Dweller, 14. The Dark Disciples, 15. The Ghost Pirates, 16. The Dagron Master, 17. The Game Players of Undaar, 18. The Pandawa Plague, 19. Sister of the Sword, 20. The Soul Stealer, 21. The Living Treasure.

Pirate Prince (1991)
Director: Alan Horrox
Writers: Alan Horrox and David Stafford
Cast: Sean Blowers [Cafard], Danny Cerqueira [Limace], Mona Hammond [Mamalewa], David Harewood [Jean-Baptiste], James Hazeldine [Jack Prince], Geoffrey Hutchings [Rochefort], Tom Mannion [Dealer], Dearbhla Molloy [Dublin Kilkenny], Thandie Newton [Becky Newton], Alibe Parsons [Melly], Ray Shell [Darbo], Rudolph Walker [Thomas Newton], John Woodvine 
[TV Movie - English - Color - UK]

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