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• Desperate Voyage (1980)
• Island, The (1980)
• Mystery Island (1980)
• Pirates of Penzance, The (1980)

Desperate Voyage (1980)
Director: Michael O'Herlihy
Writers: Alvin Sapinsley and Ray Kytle (book)
Cast: Christopher Plummer [Burrifous], Jonathan Banks [Louis], Christine Belford, Glenn Deigan [Beeman], Patrick O'Moore [Howard], Lara Parker [Grace], Cliff Potts [Vic], Nicholas Pryor [Ralph], Michael Swan
Storyline: Plummer plays a modern-day pirate who hijacks private yachts, steals the valuables on board, and sends the passengers to the bottom of the ocean. His captives on this voyage are Cliff Potts, Christine Belford, Lara Parker and Nicholas Pryor, none of whom have any intention of being tossed into the briny. 
[TV Movie - 100 min - Adventure | Drama | Thriller - English - Color - USA - Barry Weitz Films, Joe Wizan Television Productions]

Island, The (1980)
Director: Michael Ritchie
Writers: Peter Benchley (screenplay) and Peter Benchley (novel)
Cast: Michael Caine [Blair Maynard], David Warner [John David Nau], Angela Punch McGregor [Beth], Frank Middlemass [Windsor], Don Henderson [Rollo], Dudley Sutton [Dr. Brazil], Colin Jeavons [Hizzoner], Zakes Mokae [Wescott], Brad Sullivan [Stark], Jeffrey Frank [Justin Maynard], John O'Leary [Doctor #1], Bruce McLaughlin [Doctor #2], Jimmy Casino [Doctor #3], 
Suzanne Astor [Mrs. Burgess], Susan Bredhoff [Kate]
Storyline: David Warner leads a band of modern day pirates who raid yachts and sail boats of people on vacation out in the Caribbean. Michael Caine is a reporter who goes out there with his son to investigate the mystery of the disappearing boats. He runs across Warner and his band of raiders and they decide to induct them into their tribe.
[109 min - Action | Adventure | Drama - English - Color (Technicolor) - USA - Universal Pictures, Zanuck/Brown Productions]

Mystery Island (1980)
Director: Gene W. Scott
Writers: Geoff Beak and Cliff GreenCast: Jayson Duncan [Roger], Niklas Juhlin [Mark], Michael McGlinchey [Jock], Melissa Woodhams [Sandy], Bill Charlton [Tommo], Ray Marshall [Royston], Ray Meagher [Policeman], Allan Penney [Duffy], Tom Richards [John Campbell]
Storyline: When their boat runs out of gasoline, four children land on what they believe to be a deserted island. They discover an old pirate who lives there, and come upon a cache of phony money that belongs to a ring of counterfeiters, who are coming back to the island for it. 
[95 min - Drama - English - Australia - Andromeda Productions]
[Adventure - Romanian - Color - Romania - Centrul de Productie Cinematografica Bucuresti]

Pirates of Penzance, The (1980)
Directors: Wilford Leach and Joshua White
Writer: William S. Gilbert (libretto)
Cast: Kevin Kline [The Pirate King], George Rose [Maj. Gen. Stanley], Linda Ronstadt [Mabel Stanley], Rex Smith [Frederic], Patricia Routledge [Ruth], Tony Azito [The Sergeant of Police], 
Alice Playten [Edith Stanley], Marcie Shaw [Kate Stanley], Wendy Wolfe [Isabel Stanley], Alix Korey [Soloist Daughter, as Alexandra Korey], G. Eugene Moose [Samuel - the Pirate King's lieutenant], Audrey Lavine [Singer], Dennis Warning [Singer], Dean Badolato [Chorus], Mark Beudert [Chorus]
[TV Movie - 122 min - Comedy | Musical - English - Color - USA]
Piraty XX veka [aka Pirates of the 20th Century] (1980)
Director: Boris Durov
Writers: Boris Durov and Stanislav Govorukhin
Cast: Nikolai Yeryomenko Ml. [Sergej Sergejitsch], Pyotr Velyaminov [Iwan Iljitsch], Talgat Nigmatulin [Salech], Rein Aren [Pirat Captain], Dilorom Kambarova, Natalya Kharakhorina [Mascha], Dzhigangir Shakhmuradov, Yuri Kutyrev, Tadeush Kasyanov, Maija Eglite, Viktor Zhiganov, Georgi Martirosyan, Leonid Trutnev, Vladimir Episkoposyan, K. Aminov                      
Storyline: A Soviet cargo ship carrying medical opium gets attacked by pirates of an unknown nationality. The crew is left to die on a sinking ship but they manage to escape and now must fight the pirates for survival. The desperate crew of a Soviet shipping vessel must struggle to survive after being hijacked and systematically exterminated by a ruthless band of modern-day pirates in director Boris Durov's popular box-office hit. Adrift in the ocean waters with a valuable cargo of opium intended for pharmacology, the unassuming crew of a Soviet vessel is violently seized by a sadistic band of criminals determined to claim the valuable cargo for themselves. As the trigger-happy pirates set about ensuring that no witnesses will survive to tell the brutal tale, a small group of survivors struggle to stay alive long enough to reach terra firma and escape a grim fate at the hands of their ruthless captors.
[83 min - Action | Adventure | Thriller - Color - Russian - Soviet Union - Gorky Film Studios]

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