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• Goonies, The (1985)
• Náufragos del Liguria, Los [aka Victims with "Liguria"] (1985)
• Pirates of Penzance, The (1985)
• ADULT: Snatchbuckler (1985)
Treasure Island (1985)

Goonies, The (1985)
Director: Richard Donner
Writers: Steven Spielberg (story) and Chris Columbus (screenplay)
Cast: Sean Astin [Mikey], Josh Brolin [Brand], Jeff Cohen [Chunk], Corey Feldman [Mouth], Kerri Green [Andy], Martha Plimpton [Stef], Jonathan Ke Quan [Data, as Ke Huy Quan], John Matuszak [Sloth], Robert Davi [Jake], Joe Pantoliano [Francis], Anne Ramsey [Mama Fratelli], Lupe Ontiveros [Rosalita], Mary Ellen Trainor [Mrs. Walsh], Keith Walker [Mr. Walsh], Curtis Hanson [Mr. Perkins]
Storyline: Mikey Walsh and Brandon Walsh are brothers whose family is preparing to move because developers want to build a golf course in the place of their neighborhood -- unless enough money is raised to stop the construction of the golf course, and that's quite doubtful. But when Mikey stumbles upon a treasure map of the famed "One-Eyed" Willy's hidden 
fortune, Mikey, Brandon, and their friends Lawrence "Chunk" Cohen, Clark "Mouth" Devereaux, Andrea "Andy" Carmichael, Stefanie "Stef" Steinbrenner, and Richard "Data" Wang, calling themselves The Goonies, set out on a quest to find the treasure in hopes of saving their neighborhood. The treasure is in a cavern, but the entrance to the cavern is under the house of evil thief Mama Fratelli and her sons Jake Fratelli, Francis Fratelli, and the severely disfigured Lotney "Sloth" Fratelli. Sloth befriends the Goonies and decides to help them.  
[114 min - Adventure | Comedy | Family - English | Spanish | Cantonese | Italian - Color (Technicolor) - USA - Amblin Entertainment, Warner Bros. Pictures]

Náufragos del Liguria, Los [aka Victims with "Liguria"] (1985)
Director: Gabriel Retes
Writers: Pilar Campesino, Antonio Orellana and Sergio Molina
Cast: Tina Romero [Constanza], Ignacio Retes [Emilio Albani], María José Garrido [Teresa], Juan Claudio Retes [Hector], Frida Maceira [Sofia], Ernesto Rivas [Enrique Seri], Gerardo Quiroz [Piccolo Tonno], Gonzalo Lora [Harry Thompson], Abel Woolrich [Marino Albizetti], Jaime Casillas [Capitan Talcone], Enrique Ontiveros [Contromaestre Scott], Laura Ximena [Novia], Rigoberto Carmona [Novio], Raoul Ruiz [Marinero], Raul Sierra [Marinero II]
Storyline: In the open sea off sailboat "Liguria". Fire arranged sailor named Harry, a man greedy, treacherous and cruel. He did it to hide him from committing the theft of jewelry that were on the ship. Harry and his henchmen Albasetti manage to escape and get on the boat to an uninhabited island. On the same island Very few surviving passengers "of Liguria", including children.
These people find the strength to not obey the circumstances: constructing homes and live in the hope of salvation. Their peaceful life violates the meeting with Harry and his henchmen, who intends to subjugate the inhabitants of the island, and in case of disobedience to kill. But in their defense suddenly gets...
[93 min - Action | Adventure | Drama - Color - Spanish - Mexico - Cooperativa Río Mixcoac, Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (IMCINE)]


Pirates of Penzance, The (1985)
Director: Norman Campbell
Writer: William S. Gilbert (operetta)
Cast: Brent Carver [Pirate King], Jeff Hyslop [Frederic], Caralyn Tomlin [Mabel], Douglas Chamberlain [Maj. Gen. Stanley], Pat Galloway [Ruth], Jim White [Samuel], Stephen Beamish [Sergeant of police], Karen Skidmore [Kate], Karen Wood [Edith], Allison Grant [Isabel], Wendy Abbott [Blue Stocking], Marion Adler [Chorus], Michael Beattie [Chorus], Aggie Cekuta [Chorus, as Aggie Cekuta Elliot], Timothy Cruickshank [Chorus]
[TV Movie - Comedy | Musical - English - Color - Canada - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)]

ADULT: Snatchbuckler (1985)
Director: Scotty Fox
Writer: Raven Touchstone
Cast: Tom Byron [Neptune Jones], Kimberly Carson [Lady Lucy], Careena Collins [Lady Adele, as Careena], Ron Jeremy [Shadbelly], Sheer Delight [Princess Rosanna, as Kathlyn Moore],
Jennifer Noxt [Lady Blanche], Randy West [Captain Sterling]
Storyline: The lusty pirate Shadbelly abducts some fine damsels from Captain Sterling's care, but the captain and his first mate come to the rescue with their own brand of swordsmanship. 1760. In the days of chivalry, when captains and pirates sailed the high seas in search of adventure, A King ruled a trouble Land. War broke out, and to insure the safety of his beloved daughter, Princess Rosanna, He sent her away until peace was restored. Captain Sterling, the most honorable of men, was chosen to sail the Princess and her Ladies - in - Waiting back home to the king. It was a peaceful journey until Shadbelly, The notorious pirate, led his crew in a bloody attack on Captain Sterling's ship. Shadbelly believing the captain and his men were dead, Kidnapped Princess Rosanna and her ladies for the ransom they would bring. Somewhere in the pacific Shadbelly's ship was battered by storm, torn asunder by wind and rock. The evil pirate took the Princess and her ladies to a small island leaving his men to die. But Shadbelly had been careless, Captain Sterling's first mate Neptune Jones had survived the bloody atack and brought the Captain back to health. They were alive, They were searching for the Princess.
[72 min - Adult - English - Color - USA - Four Rivers Productions]

Treasure Island (1985)
Director: Raoul Ruiz
Writers: Raoul Ruiz and Robert Louis Stevenson (novel)
Cast: Melvil Poupaud [Jim Hawkins], Martin Landau [Old Captain], Vic Tayback [Long John Silver], Lou Castel [Doctor / Father], Jeffrey Kime [Timothy, The Squire], Anna Karina [Mother], Sheila [Aunt], Jean-François Stévenin [Israel Hands, The Rat], Charles Schmidt [The blind man], Jean-Pierre Léaud [Midas], Yves Afonso [French captain], Pedro Armendáriz Jr. [Mendoza], Tony Jessen [Ben Gunn], Michel Ferber [Crabb], Marques D'Arede 
[115 min - Adventure | Fantasy - English - Color - France | UK | USA - Les Films du Passage, Cannon, BFI Production]

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