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• Da hai dao [aka Pirate, The] (1973)
• Ghost in the Noonday Sun (1973)
• Kidnapped (1973)
• Pugni, pirati e karatè [aka Fists, Pirates and Karate] (1973)
• Scalawag (1973)
• Treasure Island (1973)
• Zhan shen tan [aka Beach of the War Gods] (1973) 

Da hai dao [aka Pirate, The] (1973)
Directors: Cheh Chang, Hsueh Li Pao and Ma Wu
Writer: Kuang Ni
Cast: Lung Ti [Chang Pao Tsai], David Chiang [Hu Yi], Ching Tien [Chiang Yu Lun], Feng Yu [Erh Ku Nai-nai], Mei Sheng Fan [Hua Erh Tao], Man-Tzu Yuan [Hai Tang], Dean Shek [Pai Lun Po, as Shih Tien], Kang Liu [Tseng Ko-Hsiung], Yan Tsan Tang [Ma Ping], Shang Yun Liang [Chen Hsiang], Tse Lin Yang [Tsao Chang], Kuang Yu Wang [Ching officer], Kang-Yeh Cheng [Ching officer], Ching Ho Wang [Hai's father], Ti Lu [Dock-master]
Storyline: Historical dramatization of an important day in the life a South China sea pirate. Based on the actual 18th century pirate, Chang Pao Tsai, this movie purports to illustrate what must have been a highly eventful day in his life.
[92 min - Action | Drama - Mandarin - Color - Hong Kong - Shaw Brothers]

Ghost in the Noonday Sun (1973)
Director: Peter Medak and Spike Milligan (uncredited)
Writers: Albert Sidney Fleischman (novel), Evan Jones (writer), Spike Milligan (additional dialogue) and Ernest Tidyman (uncredited)
Cast: Spike Milligan [Bill Bombay], Peter Sellers [Dick Scratcher], Anthony Franciosa [Pierre Rodriguez], Clive Revill [Bay of Algiers], Peter Boyle [Ras Mohammed], Richard Willis [Jeremiah], Thomas Baptiste [Andullah], Griffith Davies [Omar], John Hollis [Kanaris], Bill Kerr [Giacomo], Rosemary Leach [Kate], Tutte Lemkow [Pontius Kak], David Lodge [Zante], Murray Melvin [Hamidos], Vikki Richards [Arab Girl]
Storyline: A pirate crewman kills his captain after learning where he has hidden his buried treasure. However, as he begins to lose his memory, he relies more and more on the ghost of the man he just murdered to help him find the loot. 
[93 min - Comedy - English - Color - UK - World Wide Services Cavalcado Films]

Kidnapped (1973)
Director: Leif Gram
Writers: Robert Louis Stevenson (novel) and John Palmer (adaptation)
Cast: Fred Betts [voice], Alistair Duncan [voice, as Alastair Duncan], Ron Haddrick [voice], John Llewellyn [voice], Brenda Senders [voice]
[TV Movie - 47 min - Animation - English - Australia - Air Programs International (API)]

Pugni, pirati e karatè [aka Fists, Pirates and Karate] (1973)
Director: Joe D'Amato
Cast: Richard Harrison [Gargantua / 'Garga'], Roberto Dell'Acqua [Mano di Velluto], Giorgio Dolfin, Attilio Dottesio [Governatore], Olga Janowski
[84 min - Action | Adventure - Color - Italy - 1 Aprile Cinematografica]  

Scalawag (1973)
Director: Kirk Douglas and Zoran Calic (uncredited)
Writers: Albert Sidney Fleischman (as Sid Fleischman), Albert Maltz (writer) and Robert Louis Stevenson (story "Treasure Island")
Cast: Kirk Douglas [Peg], Mark Lester [Jamie], Neville Brand [Brimstone / Mudhook], George Eastman [Don Aragon], Don Stroud [Velvet], Lesley-Anne Down [Lucy-Ann], Danny DeVito [Fly Speck], Mel Blanc [Barfly the Parrot, voice], Phil Brown [Sandy], Davor Antolic [Rooster], Stole Arandjelovic [Beanbelly], Fabijan Sovagovic [Blackfoot], Shaft Douglas [Beau], Dragomir 
Stanojevic-Bata Kameni
Storyline: In this exciting adventure, based on a tale by Robert Louis Stevenson and shot in Yugoslavia, a one-legged pirate must rely on the memory of a boozy, uncooperative parrot if he is to find the location of a tremendous treasure. He is later assisted by two plucky youths who help him battle it out with a mutinous crew, unfriendly natives, and dangerous rapids.
[92 min - Adventure | Western - English - Color (Technicolor) - Italy | Yugoslavia | USA - Inex Film, Oceania Produzioni Internazionali Cinematografiche, The Bryna Company]

Treasure Island (1973)
Director: Hal Sutherland
Writers: Ben Starr (screenplay) and Robert Louis Stevenson (novel)
Cast: Richard Dawson [Captain Smollett, voice], Davy Jones [Jim Hawkins, voice], Larry D. Mann [voice], Dal McKennon [voice, as Dallas McKennon], Larry Storch [voice], Jane Webb [voice]
[87 min - Animation | Family - English - Color - USA - Filmation Associates]

Zhan shen tan [aka Beach of the War Gods] (1973) 
Director: Yu Wang
Writer: Yu Wang
Cast: Yu Wang [Hsia Feng], Fei Lung [Hashimoto], Yeh Tien, Han Hsieh, Yi Kuei Chang, Wai Hung Ho, You Min Ho, Hsing Hsieh, Hung Kuan, Chun Lei, Chiang Li, Jack Long, Chin Ku Ma, Ming Min, Chuan-Ling Pan
Storyline: The famous swordsman Hsia Feng gathers five other fighters and rallies the local fishermen to fight off a band of Japanese pirates.
[100 min - Action | War - Mandarin - Color - Hong Kong | Taiwan - Golden Harvest Company]  

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