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• Kidnapped (1978)
• Oro rojo [aka Red Gold] (1978) 
• Takarajima [aka Treasure Island] (1978) 

Kidnapped (1978)
Director: Jean-Pierre Decourt
Writers: Peter Graham Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson (novel) and Walter Ulbrich 
Storyline: When young David Balfour arrives at his uncle's bleak Scottish house to claim his inheritance, his relative tries to murder him then has him shipped off to be sold as a slave in the colonies. Luckily for the lad, he strikes up a friendship with Alan Breck Stewart, who is on the run after Bonnie Prince Charlie's defeat at Culloden. When a ship's captain tries to kill Breck for his money the two manage to get to land and set out for Edinburgh, dodging the ruthless Redcoats along the way.
[TV Mini-Series - 390 min [4 episodes] - Adventure | Drama | History - English - Color - France | West Germany - Harlech Television (HTV), Technisonor, Tele München Fernseh Produktionsgesellschaft (TMG)]

Oro rojo [aka Red Gold] (1978) 
Director: Alberto Vázquez Figueroa
Writers: Alberto Vázquez Figueroa (novel) and Alberto Vázquez Figueroa (screenplay)
Cast: José Sacristán [Beni], Isela Vega [María], Hugo Stiglitz [Víctor], Patricia Adriani [Aurelia], Jorge Luque [Lucas de Almeyda], Terele Pávez [Rufa], Eduardo Bea [Guardaespaldas de Almeyda], Carlos Ballesteros [Mr. Thompson], Fernando Baeza [Mr. Walter], Alejandro de Enciso, Antonio Gamero [Capitán del barco], José Manuel Martín, Joaquín Pamplona [Abogado], 
José Yepes [Médico], Antonio Passy 
Storyline: When a boatswain was left on a poor island being dominated by opression and hunger, he discovers that the reason for the misery is not nature but a net of bloody smugglers. 
[92 min - Drama - Spanish - Color (Eastmancolor) - Spain | Mexico - Producciones Carlos Vasallo, Producciones Esme S.A., Ízaro Films]

Takarajima [aka Treasure Island] (1978) 
Directors: Osamu Dezaki (unknown episodes), Hideo Takayashiki (unknown episodes) and Nobuo Takeuchi (unknown episodes)
Writers: Yoshimi Shinozaki, Robert Louis Stevenson (novel) and Haruya Yamazaki 
Cast: Shôzô Îzuka [Hans, unknown episodes], Eimei Esumi [Smollett, unknown episodes], Akira Kamiya [Papsey, unknown episodes], Iemasa Kayumi [Ribsey, unknown episodes], Kaneta Kimotsuki [Bengan, unknown episodes], Mari Shimizu [Jim Hawkins, unknown episodes], Mitsuo Senda [George, unknown episodes], Junpei Takiguchi [Toreloni, unknown episodes], Akio Nojima [Gray, unknown episodes], Reizô Nomoto [Morgan, unknown episodes], Hiromitsu Mizushima [Hunter, unknown episodes], Rihoko Yoshida [Lily, unknown episodes], Genzô Wakayama [John Silver, unknown episodes]
Storyline: This version also boast the most heroic, hunky looking Long John Silver ever put on film in the hundreds of Treasure Island before or since, sporting long flowing hair with one lock always falling across his piercing blue eyes. No wonder Jim couldn't help himself but idolize this man. And even though you knew it was coming, his betrayal hit the viewers almost as hard as Jimboy. As this was my first introduction to the story, imagine my surprise at seeing classic versions later in life, featuring Long Johns looking untrustworthy from the get go.
[TV Series - 24 min (26 episodes) - Animation | Action | Adventure - Japanese - Color - Japan] 

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