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• Good Old Boy: A Delta Boyhood [aka River Pirates, The] (1988)
• Herz des Piraten, Das [aka Heart of Pirate, The] (1988)
• Ostrov sokrovishch [aka Return to Treasure Island] (1988)
• Ostrov sokrovishch. Sokrovishcha kapitana Flinta [aka Treasure Island - Treasure Captain Flint] (1988)

Good Old Boy: A Delta Boyhood [aka River Pirates, The] (1988) 
Director: Tom G. Robertson
Writer: Willie Morris (book)
Cast: Richard Farnsworth [Percy], Ryan Francis [Willie], Gennie James [Rivers Applewhite], Douglas Emerson [Spit], Devin Ratray [Bubba], Kevin Joseph [Henjie], Ben Wylie [Billy], Dulé Hill [Robert E. Lee], Jordan Marder [Buster], Dixie K. Wade [Mamie], Caryn West [Mrs. Morris], Richard Council [Mr. Morris], Maureen O'Sullivan [Aunt Sue], Anne Ramsey [The Hag], Ralph Waite [Narrator]
[108 min - Action | Adventure | Family - English - Color - USA - Multimedia Entertainment Inc.]

Herz des Piraten, Das [aka Heart of Pirate, The] (1988)
Director: Jürgen Brauer
Writers: Jürgen Brauer, Benno Pludra (novel)
Cast: Franziska Alberg [Jessi], Wladimir Berkowich [Clifford Reds], Hermann Beyer [Albert Wagenführ], Robert Haase [Ingo], Karsten Janson [Hannes], Wenke Kleine-Benne [Tine], 
Gojko Mitic [Vater Jakko], Andrej Reida [William, 14 Jahre], Johanna Schall [Jessis Mutter], Wolfgang Winkler [Freund der Mutter]
Storyline: Although the story mixes real life and phantasy, it is still a nice story about a girl that finds a stone on the beach that can speak. I personally think it was not ok for the girl to throw away a present of her father and I could also not understand that she didn't visit him at the circus, although she was invited by her father. Anyway nice to see and very peaceful.
[83 min - German - Color - East Germany - Deutsche Film (DEFA)]

Ostrov sokrovishch [aka Return to Treasure Island] (1988) 
Director: David Cherkasskiy
Writers: Julie Aiken (english adaptation), Yuriy Alikov (writer), David Cherkasskiy (writer) and Ron Schmidt (english adaptation)
Cast: Viktor Andrienko [Captain Smollett], Valeriy Bessarab [Jim Hawkins], Tony Cannella [voice], Valeriy Chiglyaev, Phil Dragotto [voice], Anatoliy Dyachenko, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan [John Silver], Stanley Gurd Jr. [voice], Georgiy Kishko [Blind Pew], Aleksandr Levit, Jesse Lea Michael [voice], Evgeniy Papernyy [Doctor Livesey], Vitali Vasilikov, Yuriy Yakovlev [Ben Gunn]
Storyline: This picture uses animation mixed with several video clips featuring live actors. "Ostrov" is a spectacular and unique piece of animation, using progressive imagery and comics-like style. Movie is packed with intense music and is half-parody/comedy, half-screening of the R.L. Stevenson's "Treasure Island", also with parts of musical. It's also completely unforgettable thanks to voices of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Viktor Andriyenko. If you know Russian, you got to see this movie to know the mock style of it, because you can't see anything similar to "Ostrov" anywhere. If you are Russian and haven't seen it, I only wonder.
[107 min - Animation | Adventure | Comedy - Russian - Color - Soviet Union - INI Entertainment Group Inc., Kievnauchfilm]

Ostrov sokrovishch. Sokrovishcha kapitana Flinta (1988)
Director: David Cherkasskiy
Writers: Robert Louis Stevenson (novel, as Robert L. Stivenson), Yuriy Alikov (screenplay, as Yu. Alikov) and David Cherkasskiy (screenplay, as D. Cherkasskiy)
Cast: Viktor Andrienko [Pirate #1, as V. Andrienko], Vitali Vasilikov [Pirate #2, as V. Vasilkov], Semyon Grigorev [Pirate #3, as S. Grigorev], Vyacheslav Dubinin [Pirate #4, as S. Dubinin], Anatoliy Dyachenko [Pirate #5, as A. Dyachenko], Aleksandr Levit [Pirate #6, as A. Levit], Yuri Nevgamonny [Pirate #7, as Yu. Nevgamonnyy], Valeriy Chiglyaev [Pirate #8, as V. Chiglyaev], Boris Voznyuk [Squire Trelawney, voice, as B. Voznyuk], Evgeniy Papernyy [Doctor Livesey, voice, as E. Papernyy], Armen Dzhigarkhanyan [John Silver, voice, as A. Dzhigarkhanyan], Valeriy Bessarab [Jim Hawkins, voice, as V. Bessarab], Georgiy Kishko [Blind Pew, voice, as G. Kishko], Vladimir Zadneprovskiy [Cowardly pirate, voice, as V. Zadneprovskiy]
[59 min - Animation | Adventure | Comedy - Russian - Color - Soviet Union - Kievnauchfilm]

Westward Ho! (1988)
Writers: Alex Nicholas (synopsis), Charles Kingsley (novel) and Leonard Lee (screenplay)
Cast: Bob Baines [voice], Peter Beck [voice], Clair Crowther [voice, as Claire Crowther], Phillip Hinton [voice], Larissa Lambert [voice], Robert Menzies [voice], Lloyd Morris [voice], Noel Trevarthen [voice]
[TV Movie - 55 min - Animation | Adventure | Comedy - English - Color (Technicolor) - Australia - Burbank Films Australia]

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