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• Ilbon haejug [aka Japanese Pirates] (1972)
• Koltsa Almanzora [aka Almanzor's Rings] (1972)
• Ostrov sokrovishch [aka Treasure Island] (1972)
• Pirata de doce años, Un [aka Pirate of Twelve Years, A] (1972)
• Pirates of Penzance, The (1972)
• Rebelión de los bucaneros, La [aka Pirates of Blood Island] (1972)
• Treasure Island (1972)

Ilbon haejug [aka Japanese Pirates] (1972)
Director: Man-hui Lee
Writer: Man-hui Lee
Cast: No-shik Park, Yeon-jeong Woo, Gyu-deok Cheon
[83 min - Action - Korean - Color - South Korea - Taechang Productions]

Koltsa Almanzora [aka Almanzor's Rings] (1972)
Director: Igor Voznesensky
Writer: Valentin Vinogradov
Cast: Svetlana Smirnova [Aneli], Mikhail Kononov [Zenziver], Valentina Talyzina [Queen], Lyudmila Dmitrieva [Avgusta], Boris Ivanov [Intrigio], Fyodor Nikitin [Almanzor], Fyodor Rostotsky [Khimio], Viktor Pavlov [Abaldon], Roman Tkachuk [Aldebaran], Leonid Kanevsky [Mukhamiel], Vladimir Fyodorov [Dwarf], Ruslan Akhmetov [Akhmet], Valentin Golubenko [Rakhmet]
[61 min - Action | Family | Fantasy | History - Russian - Color - Soviet Union - Maksim Gorki Studio]

Ostrov sokrovishch [aka Treasure Island] (1972)
Director: Yevgeni Fridman
Writers: Edgar Dubrovsky (screenplay), Yevgeni Fridman (screenplay) and Robert Louis Stevenson (novel "Treasure Island")
Cast: Boris Andreyev [Long John Silver], Aare Laanemets [Jim Hawkins], Laimonas Noreika [Dr. Livesey], Algimantas Masiulis [Squire Trelawney], Juozas Urmanavicius [Captain Smollett, as J. Urmanavicius], Lyudmila Shagalova [Mrs. Hawkins], Vytautas Tomkus [George Merry], Khary Avens [Morgan - Pirate], Igor Klass [Ben Gunn, as I. Klass], Andrei Fajt [Blind Pew, as A. Fayt], Vladimir Grammatikov [Joyce], Robert Ross [Redret]
Storyline: Jim, a dashing young man dreaming of romantic, thrilling adventures, happens to come across an old sea chart. It shows the way to a treasure hidden by a legendary pirate, Captain Flint. The treasure is buried on an island lost in the ocean. Jim and his friends venture on a dangerous seabound journey on a beautiful tall ship. But it turns out that they are travelling on the same ship with the pirates, former members of Captain Flint’s team.
[Adventure - Russian - Color - Soviet Union]
Pirata de doce años, Un [aka Pirate of Twelve Years, A] (1972)
Director: René Cardona Jr.
Cast: Hugo Stiglitz [Morgan], René Cardona III [Eric, as Al Coster], Christa Linder [Lady Harold], Carlos Agostí [Marqués de León], Rogelio Guerra, Pancho Córdova, Gina Morett, Bruno Rey, 
Lindy Fields, Gerardo Zepeda, José Luis Caro
Storyline: A crew of goodhearted English pirates get their ship sunken by the evil spaniards. Their bad luck continues when they are washed ashore on an island used as a Spanish military training camp. Most of the crew are quickly killed off by the spaniards until only the pirates with clear character features remain: The heroic pirate leader, the kid hero, the Indian, the one-eyed brute and a longhaired, bearded pirate who looks like a overweight middleage hippie. When the pirates realise the spaniards are holding an English noble lady and her kids and chambermaid hostage they decide to go an a rescue mission and try to escape through the jungle. With the Spanish breathing down their neck they encounter cannibals, quicksand and dangerous animals on their way to freedom.
[98 min - Adventure | Drama | Family - Spanish - Mexico - Avant Films S.A.]


Pirates of Penzance, The (1972)
Director: Peter Seabourne
Writer: William S. Gilbert (operetta)
Cast: John Cartier [Maj. Gen. Stanley], Thomas Round [Frederic / 1996 Video Presenter], Valerie Masterson [Mabel Stanley], Donald Adams [The Pirate King], Helen Landis [Ruth], Lawrence Richard [Sergeant of police], Anna Cooper [Edith Stanley], Vera Ryan [Kate Stanley], Michael Wakeham [Samuel], Elizabeth Lowry [Isabel Stanley], David Dodimead [Presenter (UK)], Andrew Faulds [Presenter (UK)], Frank Shuster [Presenter (New York)], James Stuart [Presenter (US)], Johnny Wayne [Presenter (New York)]
[TV Movie - Musical - English - UK]

Rebelión de los bucaneros, La [aka Pirates of Blood Island] (1972)
Director: José Luis Merino
Writer: José Luis Merino
Cast: Carlos Quiney [Captain MacDonald], Stelvio Rosi [Captain Mallory, as Stan Cooper], Maria Pia Conte, María Dolores Tovar, Isarco Ravaioli, Pasquale Basile, José Marco, Antonio Mayans
[Adventure - Spanish - Spain | Italy - Duca Internazionale, Cooperative Cinematografica Carthago]


Treasure Island (1972)
Director: John Hough (English language version), Andrea Bianchi (uncredited in English version, as Andrew White) and Antonio Margheriti (uncredited)
Writers: Bautista de la Calle, Hubert Frank, Wolf Mankowitz (screenplay), Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony Margheretti), Robert Louis Stevenson (novel "Treasure Island"), Gérard Vergez, Orson Welles (screenplay, as O.W. Jeeves)
Cast: Orson Welles [Long John Silver], Kim Burfield [Jim Hawkins], Lionel Stander [Billy Bones], Walter Slezak [Squire Trelawney], Ángel del Pozo [Doctor Livesey], Rik Battaglia [Captain Smollett], Maria Rohm [Mrs. Hawkins], Paul Muller [Blind Pew], Jean Lefebvre [Ben Gunn, as Jean Lefevbre], Michel Garland [George Merry, as Michael Garland], Aldo Sambrell [Israel Hands], Alibe [Mrs. Silver], Adolfo Thous [Black Dog], José Luis Chinchilla [Anderson, as Chinchilla], Víctor Israel [Morgan]
Storyline: Again we live the roaring adventure of men against the sea. We share the struggles, the heartaches, the laughter of courageous souls who leave their houses they love to dare the wrath of the angry pirates. Upright men and greedy pirates in conflict with their destiny enacting the Robert Stevenson's most thrilling story. Jim Hawkins (Kim Burfield) encounters the map that lead to a distant island where is a buried treasure. Jim, captain Smollett (Rik Battaglia), Squire (Walter Slezak), Doctor Livesey (Angel Del Pozo) and of course a boisterous Long John Silver( a brilliant triumph by Orson Welles) journey to isle of hidden bounty.
[94 min - Adventure | Family - English | Italian - Color (Eastmancolor) - France | Italy | Spain | UK | West Germany - Central Cinema Company Film (CCC), Eguiluz Films, Les Productions FDL]

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