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• Avventuriero, L' [aka Rover, The] (1967)
• Cervantes [aka Young Rebel] (1967) 
• Indomptable Angélique [aka Untamable Angelique] (1967) 
• King's Pirate, The (1967)

Avventuriero, L' [aka Rover, The] (1967)
Director: Terence Young
Writers: Joseph Conrad (novel "The Rover"), Jo Eisinger and Luciano Vincenzoni (story and screenplay)
Cast: Anthony Quinn [Peyrol], Rosanna Schiaffino [Arlette], Rita Hayworth [Aunt Caterina], Richard Johnson [Real], Ivo Garrani [Scevola], Mino Doro [Dussard], Luciano Rossi [Michel], Mirko Valentin [Jacot], Giovanni Di Benedetto [Lt. Bolt, as Gianni De Benedetto], Anthony Dawson [Captain Vincent], Franco Giornelli [Simmons], Franco Fantasia [French Admiral], 
Fabrizio Jovine [Archives Officer], John Lane [Captain of the Port], Vittorio Venturoli [French Officer]
Storyline: Based on a story by Joseph Conrad, this 18th-century set drama is set shortly after the French Revolution and chronicles the exploits of a former counterrevolutionary pirate who befriends a mentally ill, naive young woman. Eventually his feelings of friendship turn to love and this in turn leads to tragedy when she falls in love with a French naval officer. Set in France during the aftermath of the French Revolution, the story begins on the high seas where a sailor named Peyrol (Anthony Quinn) is nearing a French harbor. After narrowly escaping attack by a British fleet, Peyrol sails into the port of Toulon to deliver a message to the Admiral. Peyrol has been a pirate for most of his life, and it is known that he is against the revolution. Being a prime candidate for the guillotine, Peyrol flees to his hometown, a small village on the French coast.
[103 min - War | Drama - Italian - Color - Italy - Arco Film, American Broadcasting Company (ABC), Selmur Productions]

Cervantes [aka Young Rebel] (1967) 
Director: Vincent Sherman
Writers: Enrico Bomba, Bruno Frank (novel), Enrico Bomba, David Karp and Enrique Llovet
Cast: Horst Buchholz [Miguel de Cervantes], Gina Lollobrigida [Giulia], José Ferrer [Hassan Bey], Louis Jourdan [Cardinal Acquaviva], Francisco Rabal [Rodrigo Cervantes], Fernando Rey [Philip II], Soledad Miranda [Nessa], Antonio Casas, Ángel del Pozo, Uzzieno Cortini, Ricardo Palacios, José Jaspe, José Nieto, André Spengler, Maurice de Canonge
Storyline: In this romanticized biography of Spain's most celebrated novelist, young Miguel Cervantes, son of a country doctor, cockily pushes better-bred, court-connected peacock chicks aside for the post of private secretary to monsignor (soon cardinal) Acquaviva, papal envoy to king Philip II of Spain. Realizing his friendship with the Ottoman general-envoy was abused to win time while an avoidable 'crusade' was mounted, Miguel resigns but joins the Holy League's fleet. He and his brother become marked heroes, but get no serious reward and are captured by Algiers pirates for the slave market, yet set aside to bring ransom. Instead, they mount a brave slave revolt. 
[125 min - Adventure | Biography | Drama - English | Spanish - Color (Eastmancolor) - Spain | France | Italy - Prisma de Cinematografía, Procinex, Protor Film S.r.l.]

Indomptable Angélique [aka Untamable Angelique] (1967) 
Director: Bernard Borderie
Writers: Anne Golon (novel), Serge Golon (novel), Bernard Borderie, Francis Cosne, Pascal Jardin (dialogue) and Louis Agotay (uncredited)
Cast: Michèle Mercier [Angélique de Peyrac], Robert Hossein [Jeoffrey de Peyrac], Roger Pigaut [Le Marquis d'Escrainville], Christian Rode [Le Duc de Vivonne], Ettore Manni [Jason], 
Bruno Dietrich [Coriano], Pasquale Martino [Savary], Sieghardt Rupp [Millerand]
Storyline: In the fourth of the Angélique series, the heroine sets sail in hopes of discovering the truth about a man she once loved and lost. This is the fourth film of the Angélique series. Having discovered that her beloved is still alive, Angélique boards a galley ship and sails the Mediterranean. However, their ship is attacked by pirates and Angélique once more finds herself in peril... 
[95 min - Adventure - French - Color (Eastmancolor) - France | West Germany | Italy - Cinéphonic, Compagnie Industrielle et Commerciale Cinématographique (CICC), Films Borderie]

King's Pirate, The (1967)
Director: Don Weis
Writers: Paul Wayne (screenplay), Æneas MacKenzie (screenplay and story, as Aeneas MacKenzie) and Joseph Hoffman (screenplay)
Cast: Doug McClure [Lt. Brian Fleming], Jill St. John [Mistress Jessica Stephens], Guy Stockwell [John Avery], Mary Ann Mobley [Princess Patna], Kurt Kasznar [Zucco], Richard Deacon [Swaine], Torin Thatcher [Captain Cullen], Diana Chesney [Molvina MacGregor], Ivor Barry [Cloudsly], Bill Glover [Captain Hornsby], Woodrow Parfrey [Gow], Sean McClory [Sparkes], Michael St. Clair [Collins], Émile Genest [Captain Mission], Ted de Corsia [Capt. McTigue]
Storyline: Lt. Brian Fleming volunteers to be flogged for a contrived offense and then discharged from the British Navy. Now he can infiltrate the pirate stronghold of Diego Suarez using his whip-scarred back as proof of his disgrace. While gathering inside information about this stronghold's fortifications, he falls in love with Jessica Stephens who's also courted by the pirate captain, John Avery. At the same time he must fend off the advances of a love-struck Moghul princess who's recently been taken captive. Events reach a climax in a shipboard battle when Fleming's true motivations are revealed.
[100 min - Adventure - English - Color (Technicolor) - USA - Universal Pictures]

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