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• Kidnapped (1986)
• Ostrov sokrovishch. Karta kapitana Flinta [aka Treasure Island - Map of Captain Flint] (1986)
• Pirates (1986)
• Return to Treasure Island (1986)

Kidnapped (1986)
Writers: Robert Louis Stevenson (adapted from the novel by) and Leonard Lee (screenplay)
Cast: Tom Burlinson [Alan Breck, voice], Matthew Fargher [David Balfour, voice], Wallas Eaton [Voice, voice], Judith Fisher [Voice, voice], Scott Higgins [Voice, voice], Richard Meikle [Voice, voice], David Nettheim [Voice, voice]
[55 min - Animation - English - Color - Australia - Burbank Films Australia]

Ostrov sokrovishch. Karta kapitana Flinta [aka Treasure Island - Map of Captain Flint] (1986)
Director: David Cherkasskiy
Writers: Robert Louis Stevenson (novel, as Robert L. Stivenson), Yuriy Alikov (screenplay, as Yu. Alikov) and David Cherkasskiy (screenplay, as D. Cherkasskiy)
Cast: Armen Dzhigarkhanyan [John Silver, voice], Viktor Andrienko [Billy Bones / Captain Smollett, voice, as V. Andrienko], Valeriy Bessarab [Jim Hawkins / Black Dog, voice, as V. Bessarab], Boris Voznyuk [Squire Trelawney, voice, as B. Voznyuk], Georgiy Kishko [Blind Pew, voice, as G. Kishko], Evgeniy Papernyy [Doctor Livesey, voice, as E. Papernyy], Grigoriy Tolchinskiy [voice, as G. Tolchinskiy], Aleksandr Levit [Pirate #2, as A. Levit], Valeriy Chiglyaev [Pirate #3, as V. Chiglyaev], Vitali Vasilikov [Pirate #4, as V. Vasilkov], Semyon Grigorev [Pirate #5, as S. Grigorev], Vladimir Chiglyaev [Pirate #6, as Vl. Chiglyaev], Festival, William Devital [Pirate]
[48 min - Animation | Adventure | Comedy - Russian - Color - Soviet Union - Kievnauchfilm]

Pirates (1986)
Director: Roman Polanski
Writers: John Brownjohn (screenplay collaboration), Gérard Brach (written by, as Gerard Brach) and Roman Polanski (written by)
Cast: Walter Matthau [Captain Thomas Bartholomew Red], Cris Campion [The Frog - Jean-Baptiste], Damien Thomas [Don Alfonso de la Torré], Olu Jacobs [Boomako], Ferdy Mayne [Captain Linares], David Kelly [Surgeon], Tony Peck [Spanish Officer, as Anthony Peck], Anthony Dawson [Spanish Officer], Richard Dieux [Spanish Officer], Jacques Maury [Spanish Officer], José Santamaría [Master at Arms, as Jose Santamaría], Robert Dorning [Commander of Marines], Luc Jamati [Pepito Gonzalez], Emilio Fernandez [Angelito, as Emilio Fernandez], Wladyslaw Komar [Jesus, also as Wladislaw Komar]
Storyline: Captain Red runs a hardy pirate ship with the able assistance of Frog, a dashing young French sailor. One day Capt. Red is captured and taken aboard a Spanish galleon, but thanks to his inventiveness, he raises the crew to mutiny, takes over the ship, and kidnaps the niece of the governor of Maracaibo. The question is, can he keep this pace up? 
[121 min - Adventure | Comedy | Family - English | French | Spanish - Color (Eastmancolor) - France | Tunisia - Cominco, Carthago Films S.a.r.l., Accent Films]


Return to Treasure Island (1986)
Director: Alan Clayton
Writer: Ivor Dean (story)
Cast: Brian Blessed [Long John Silver, 8 episodes, 1986], Christopher Guard [Jim Hawkins, 8 episodes, 1986], Reiner Schöne [Van Der Brecken, 8 episodes, 1986], Kenneth Colley [Ben Gunn, 8 episodes, 1986], Peter Lloyd [Abed, 6 episodes, 1986], Artro Morris [Rev. Morgan, 6 episodes, 1986], Christopher Godwin [Devereaux, 5 episodes, 1986], Donald Pickering [Hallows, 5 episodes, 1986], Dicken Ashworth [Gaynes, 4 episodes, 1986], Nick Brimble [Keelhaul, 4 episodes, 1986], John Cater [Sharpe, 4 episodes, 1986], John Hallam [Capt. Parker, 4 episodes, 1986], Deborah Poplett [Isabella, 4 episodes, 1986], William Morgan Sheppard [Boakes, 3 episodes, 1986], Ray Armstrong [Capt. Williams, 2 episodes, 1986], Richard Beale [Capt. Smollett, 2 episodes, 1986], John Bennett [Garcia, 2 episodes, 1986], Arthur Bostrom [Don Felipe, 2 episodes, 1986], Peter Copley [Dr. Livesey, 2 episodes, 1986], Aixa Moreno [Conchita, 2 episodes, 1986], Bruce Purchase [Trelawney, 2 episodes, 1986], Robert Putt [Caleb Lewis, 2 episodes, 1986], Malcolm Terris [Dr. Leach, 2 episodes, 1986]
Storyline: In this continuation of the classic "Treasure Island" tale that takes place ten years later, an adult Jim Hawkins meets up again with an older Long John Silver.
[TV Series - 101 min - Adventure - English - Color - UK - Walt Disney Pictures, Primetime Television Ltd., Harlech Television (HTV)]

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