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• Captain Ron (1992)
• Enfants du naufrageur, Les [aka Shipwrecked Children] (1992)
• Odisseya Kapitana Blada [aka Captain Blood] (1992)
• Sandokan (1992)
• Tales from the Poop Deck (1992)

Captain Ron (1992)
Director: Thom E. Eberhardt
Writers: John Dwyer (story and screenplay) and Thom E. Eberhardt (screenplay, as Thom Eberhardt)
Cast:Kurt Russell [Captain Ron], Martin Short [Martin Harvey], Mary Kay Place [Katherine Harvey], Benjamin Salisbury [Benjamin Harvey], Meadow Sisto [Caroline Harvey], Sunshine Logroño [General Armando, as Emannuel Logrono], Jorge Luis Ramos [General's Translator], J.A. Preston [Magistrate], Tanya Soler [Angeline], Raúl Estela [Roscoe], Jainardo Batista [Mamba],  Dan Butler [Bill Zachery], Tom McGowan [Bill], Katherine Franco [Sneezing Woman], C.M. Talkington [Bicycle Messenger, as Clement Talkington]
Storyline: A family in Chicago inherits the yacht formerly owned by Clark Gable. They decide to sail it from the island of Ste. Pomme de Terre to Miami, and they sail with the assistance of Captain Ron and their lives will never be the same again. Written by Anonymous  
[90 min - Adventure | Comedy - English - Color (Technicolor) - USA - Touchstone Pictures, Touchwood Pacific Partners]

Enfants du naufrageur, Les [aka Shipwrecked Children] (1992)
Director: Jérôme Foulon
Writers: François Celier, Laurent Dussaux and Jérôme Foulon
Cast: Brigitte Fossey [Hélène], Jacques Dufilho [Petit Louis], Michel Robin [Paul], Jean Marais [Marc-Antoine],  Pierre-Alexis Hollenbeck [Capitaine], Benjamin Brault [Pinocchio], Maxime Boidron [Benoît], Simon Poligne [Lamazou], François Vigner [Pérec], Elie Berder [Merliot], Gary Ledoux [Bisson], Amandine Dewasmes [Marion], Bernard Freyd [Le maire], Michel Dussarat [Toinou], Jenny Clève [Martha]
Storyline: Eight children of a wrecker live together on a strange island in a supernatural happiness. Until their paradise is disturbed when an old lady is found murdered. They then launched the investigation in the search for truth.
[99 min - Adventure - French - Color - France - K'Ien Productions, Expand Drama, Gaumont]

Odisseya Kapitana Blada [aka Captain Blood] (1992)
Director: Andrei Prachenko
Writers: Natalya Kurchanina and Rafael Sabatini (novel)
Cast: Yves Lambrecht [Capt. Piter Blood], Valérie Jeannet [Arabella Bishop], Leonid Yarmolnik [Levasseur], Albert Filozov, Mindaugas Capas, Viktor Demertash, Georgi Dvornikov, Rasmi Dzhabrailov [Jeremy Pitt], Aleksandr Pashutin [Col. Bishop], Pavel Remezov, Coraly Zahonero
[Adventure - Russian - Color - Soviet Union | France]

Sandokan (1992)
Writers: Dave Mallow (unknown episodes), Emilio Salgari (unknown episodes) and Doug Stone (unknown episodes)
Storyline: An unforgettable story of love, justice and loyalty, full of stirring events from the pages of Emilio Salgari's classic novels. What are you waiting for? Board their ship!
1. The Pirates of Mompracem, 2. The Crossing, 3. Mariana, 4. The Hunt for the Pirate, 5. Back in Mompracem, 6. The Rebellion of the Dayakos, 7. One the Shores of Labuan, 8. Into the Lion's Mouth, 9. Yañez's Plan, 10. The Abduction, 11. Mompracem in Danger, 12. Liberation, 13. The Kidnapping, 14. Search of Dama, 15. The Suderbunds, 16. The Battle on the Marsh, 17. Trapped, 18. Escape, 19. An Unpleasant Surprise, 20. A Marvellous Idea, 21. The Kidnapping of Mariana, 22. Sandokan Taken Prisoner, 23. The Herbs of Death, 24. Together Again, 25. Lord James Rescued, 26. Double Wedding
[TV Series - 25 min - Adventure - Spanish | French | German | English - Color - Spain - BRB Internacional S.A., Telecinco, Wang Film Productions Company]

Tales from the Poop Deck (1992)
Cast: Helen Atkinson-Wood [Connie Blackheart, 6 episodes, 1992], Griff Rhys Jones [Narrator, 6 episodes, 1992], Charles Gray [Adm. Dennis De'Ath, 2 episodes, 1992]
Storyline: The adventures of fearless 17th century pirate Connie Blackheart, especially her running battles with Admiral De'Ath.
[TV Series - 25 min - Comedy - English - Color - UK]

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